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Fawell & Fawell

Out-of-State Student Scholarship

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1000 USD
United States
19 Feb 2024
Application deadline


Fawell & Fawell is a DuPage County law firm located across the street from the county courthouse in Wheaton. They provide passionate, dedicated representation for our clients, helping them address matters related to divorce, family law, child custody, and other issues that affect their families.


Scholarship type

Merit and need based

Number of scholarships to award




Scholarship coverage

  • tuition fee reduction
  • accommodation
  • travel expenses
  • other


In today's world, college students do not have it easy. In addition to the skyrocketing costs of college tuition, the amounts students will need to pay for expenses such as housing and transportation have also increased significantly. Many students struggle to cover these costs and ensure that they can receive the proper education and pursue their career goals. Students who attend college in states or regions of the country that are far away from their families will often face additional challenges and increased expenses, and they may be concerned that they will be unprepared to address these concerns.

At Fawell & Fawell, they understand the issues that affect students who travel to other states to attend college, and they have created a scholarship program to provide assistance for these students. 

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Through the Fawell & Fawell Out-of-State Student Scholarship, they award $1,000 each semester to a qualified student who will be pursuing educational opportunities in a location outside of the state where they attended high school or where their parents currently live. Scholarship winners can use this money to pay for tuition, housing, other educational costs, or transportation-related expenses.

Scholarship winners can use this money to pay for tuition, housing, other educational costs, or transportation-related expenses.


  • Be enrolled in or have been accepted to a college or university that is located in a state where they did not attend high school or a state other than where their parents currently live.
  • Have a GPA of 3.0 or higher as of the most recent academic semester they have completed.
  • Be above the age of 17.
  • Be a U.S. citizen or a lawful permanent resident.

Scholarship requirements




United States



Study experience required

High school


Over 17


Application deadline

19 Feb 2024

Students can apply for the scholarship by submitting the form from the website. An applicant must provide identifying information showing that they are an out-of-state student, as well as proof of enrollment and documentation of their GPA. Documents that can be submitted to show that the requirements have been met include an acceptance letter and an academic transcript.

Applicants must also submit an essay of at least 200 to 300 words that answers the following prompt:

What challenges and difficulties have affected you as an out-of-state student? Have you struggled with leaving your family and settling into an unfamiliar environment? How do you plan to overcome these challenges and achieve success in your academic efforts?

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