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Studying Humanities means exploring the archive of everything humans thought, achieved, wrote, and believed throughout history. By studying Humanities, you get a complete picture of what makes human beings fully interesting, complicated, weird, and unique.

Students enter into a variety of fields that explore the art, discoveries, rituals, traditions, and cultures that humans have invented over time. Basically, this field give us the record of human experience.

There are several fields built into the Humanities. Students can find wide-ranging subjects such as:

• Literature
• Philosophy
• Religious Studies
• Art History
• Linguistics
• Cultural Studies

Students who study Humanities tend to enter into the following careers:

• Education
• Journalism
• Law
• Academia
• Public Relations
• The glamourous world of internet copywriting

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Suggested Bachelors in Humanities

B.A. Creative Writing and English

Unleash your creativity with the Southern New Hampshire University’s BA in Creative Writing and English.This undergraduate creative writing major prepares you for a career in creative writing, publishing, journalism, communications, the law and many other professions, as well as graduate programs such as the University’s low-residency Master of Fine Arts in Fiction and Nonfiction Writing.

United States
B.A. English Language and Literature

Turn your passion for reading and writing into a career. Gain the communication and research skills needed in the workplace today. Learn to think critically and write effectively. Welcome to the Southern New Hampshire University's BA in English Language and Literature.

United States
B.Sc. Life Sciences (Liberal Arts and Sciences)

At EUC we offer four departments within which there are many majors you can pick and choose from. One of the departments is Life Sciences. Are you intrigued by the primer into cognitive neuroscience? Would laboratory research be your new favorite thing to do? Are you a math genius? Go for Life Sciences!

B.Sc. Humanities (Liberal Arts and Sciences)

At EUC we offer four departments within which there are many majors you can pick and choose from. One of them is the department of Humanities. Humanities focus on the alpha sciences, which in case of EUC vary from philosophy and history to media and communication. When pursuing a Major in Humanities, you will focus on identity, difference and diversity in a globalizing world. Through means such as conceptual analysis of contemporary arts, modern literature and media, you will delve into concepts of identity, philosophical anthropology and history.