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Health sciences is a general term including all the applied disciplines involved in the delivery and improvement of healthcare. Bachelors and Masters in Health Sciences include knowledge from other fields, such as natural sciences, technology, engineering and mathematics, which can be applied in clinical healthcare research and practice, and in public health education. There are more than 50 different specialisations within the field, which can be grouped into three major disciplines: physiological sciences, clinical engineering and medical physics, and life sciences.

Universities and colleges generally offer degrees in health science at the undergraduate level, Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Professional Studies, but also provide graduate degrees. Specialisations in health sciences include anatomy, physiology, pharmacy, radiography, neurophysiology, microbiology, epidemiology, immunology, others. Areas of focus can also refer to more managerial-oriented studies, as for example health information management, health services and management, health planning, or international health.

Some healthcare professionals work in laboratories, investigating diseases or discovering new treatments, while others work in direct contact with patients in clinical care. Graduates can practice in public hospitals, private clinics, schools, community health services and governmental agencies. Career prospects include work as nurses, physician assistants, physiotherapists, pharmacists, health educators, health inspectors, social workers and freelancers in alternative therapies.

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Health Science

If you're interested in health care, but not sure which area, the BS in Health Science at Pace University will...

Pace University United States

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Universities Location Shanghai Jiao Tong University Ranking (2017)
Portland, United States 101
Beijing, China 101
Barcelona, Spain 101
Shanghai, China 101
London Borough of Sutton, United Kingdom 101
Seoul, South Korea 101
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne Lausanne, Switzerland 101
Copenhagen, Denmark 101
Sydney, Australia 101
Houston, United States 101
San Antonio, United States 101
Brussels, Belgium 101
Birmingham, United States 101
Edmonton, Canada 101
Bonn, Germany 101
Irvine, United States 101
Köln, Germany 101
Gainesville, United States 101
Iowa City, United States 101
Kiel, Germany 101
Leipzig, Germany 101
Magdeburg, Germany 101
Münster, Germany 101
Nottingham, United Kingdom 101
Padua, Italy 101
University of Paris Sud Orsay, France 101
Pavia, Italy 101
Rochester, United States 101
São Paulo, Brazil 101
Enschede, Netherlands 101
Ulm, Germany 101
Ulsan, South Korea 101
Charlottesville, United States 101
Uppsala, Sweden 101
Verona, Italy 101
Milano, Italy 101
Brussels, Belgium 101
Detroit, United States 101
Marseille, France 151
Barcelona, Spain 151
Beijing, China 151
Milano, Italy 151
Delft, Netherlands 151
Hannover, Germany 151
Kyoto, Japan 151
Ottawa, Canada 151
Hamilton, Canada 151
Graz, Austria 151
Melbourne, Australia 151
Singapore, Singapore 151
Milano, Italy 151
London, United Kingdom 151
Stony Brook, United States 151
Guangzhou, China 151
Tel Aviv Yaffo, Israel 151
Hong Kong, Hong Kong (SAR) 151
Jerusalem, Israel 151
Columbus, United States 151
Edinburgh, United Kingdom 151
Hong Kong, Hong Kong (SAR) 151
Albuquerque, United States 151
Tokyo, Japan 151
Perth, Australia 151
Medford, United States 151
Umeå, Sweden 151
Buffalo, United States 151
Antwerpen, Belgium 151
Birmingham, United Kingdom 151
Florence, Italy 151
Genoa, Italy 151
Göttingen, Germany 151
Göteborg, Sweden 151
Helsinki, Finland 151
Urbana, United States 151
Jena, Germany 151
Leeds, United Kingdom 151
Lübeck, Germany 151
Mainz, Germany 151
Marburg, Germany 151
South Miami, United States 151
Naples, Italy 151
Ottawa, Canada 151
Rostock, Germany 151
Turin, Italy 151
Turku, Finland 151
Winston-Salem, United States 151
New York City, United States 151
Ithaca, United States 51
Atlanta, United States 51
Gent, Belgium 51
Roma, Italy 51
Zürich, Switzerland 51
Melbourne, Australia 51
Barcelona, Spain 51
Basel, Switzerland 51
Bergen, Norway 51
Bologna, Italy 51
Vancouver, Canada 51
Berkeley, United States 51
Cambridge, United Kingdom 51
Düsseldorf, Germany 51
Frankfurt am Main, Germany 51
Genève, Switzerland 51
Hamburg, Germany 51
Minneapolis, United States 51
Montréal, Canada 51
Chapel Hill, United States 51
Los Angeles, United States 51
Sydney, Australia 51
Salt Lake City, United States 51
Nashville, United States 51
University of Western Ontario London, Canada 51
Boston, United States 76
Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium 76
Lyon, France 76
Manhattan, United States 76
Lund, Sweden 76
Innsbruck, Austria 76
Charleston, United States 76
Calgary, Canada 76
Manchester, United Kingdom 76
Brisbane, Australia 76
Dallas, United States 76
Philadelphia, United States 76
Dresden, Germany 76
Bern, Switzerland 76
Davis, United States 76
Chicago, United States 76
Essen, Germany 76
Lausanne, Switzerland 76
Baltimore, United States 76
Milano, Italy 76
Oslo, Norway 76
Paris, France 76
Würzburg, Germany 76
Paris Diderot University Paris, France 76
Seoul, South Korea 76
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