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The word ‘applied’ in Applied Sciences & Professions refers to how academic and professional skills are used for - or applied towards - jobs and professions.  This is what people like to call ‘vocational’ education – giving you specific training for a specific kind of job. So, when you enroll in a Bachelor’s or Master’s in Applied Sciences & Professions, you’re meant to decide what career you want to be prepared or trained for.

When you select a specific science or profession that you wish to work in, you will then be set up in the courses that provide the skills transferable to that specific field. Think of what kinds of professions require strong training: forensic scientists, librarians, property managers, social workers, nurses, etc. You can’t learn those skills by yourself! So, when you get a degree for these kinds of careers, you get direct, hands-on to practice the skills that people actually use for them.Applied Sciences & Professions doesn’t stand alone, as a field by itself. So, you must select a ‘profession’ or ‘science’ that you want to apply your knowledge toward (after all, you can’t have training without knowing what you’re being trained for, right?).

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Suggested Bachelors in Applied Sciences & Professions

B.B.A. International Facility Management

This professional bachelor’s programme prepares you for an international career in the facility management industry. The facility department is the driving force behind an organisation. That is why nowadays the facility manager is a business partner on a strategic level. Facility managers work in organisations like multinationals, hospitals, airports & catering, cleaning & security organisations.

B.Sc. Human Development and Family Sciences

Are you interested in making a difference in the lives of children, youth, adults and families and changing the world for the better … one person, family and community at a time?The Human Development and Family Sciences program is offered by the Oregon State University.  

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