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Ah, the age-old question: was Mathematics discovered or invented? To the person who invented it: Stop that! To those who discovered it: why couldn’t you just keep it to yourself? To the rest of us who merely learned it in school: if we have any hope for understanding and measuring the natural world, consider a Bachelor’s or a Master’s in the Natural Sciences and Mathematics.

Studying all natural phenomena, with the purpose of understanding and capitalising on the unwritten (OK, now they are written) rules that surround us, the field of Natural Sciences and Mathematics is composed of a variety of subjects. They are categorised as either Life Sciences, with Ecology, Anatomy, Botany, or Agriculture; or Physical Sciences, such as Physics, Earth Sciences, Astronomy, or Chemistry. Students who graduate from these fields will find jobs in a multitude of fields, as Math is everywhere, used by everyone.

Some of the most interesting careers are:

• Statistics
• Game Theory
• Cryptography
• Finance
• Economics
• Philosophy

And if you think Mathematics is too predictable or dull, just wait till you attend a party with 2 matematicians arguing over the meaning of infinity.

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Suggested Bachelors in Natural Sciences & Mathematics

B.Sc. Biology

In this Bachelor you will learn everything about microbiology, evolution and molecular biology. In the lab and the green house you study the underground life of plants. You investigate brain activity with MRI scanners. With microscopes you will look at the life at the level of cells. Do you want to understand the living world around you? Discover Biology and Medical Biology in Nijmegen!

B.Sc. Chemistry

The English-taught Bachelor of Chemistry at Radboud University is a broad, multidisciplinary science programme involving lots of practicals. As a Chemistry student, you learn how to work with molecules to give them the right properties – whether for mobile phone displays, painkillers for headaches, or paint for decorating your room. Studying Chemistry in Nijmegen involves more than just theory. It’s a truly hands-on programme where you get to discover and make a wide range of applications.

B.Sc. Molecular Life Sciences

The English-taught Bachelor’s programme at Radboud University operates at the interface of chemistry, biology and medicine, with mathematics and physics as supporting subjects. Ultimately, the Molecular Life Sciences programme is about using an in-depth knowledge of molecular processes in healthy people to combat diseases and harnessing molecules to make people better. As a molecular life scientist, you can be part of the latest developments in healthcare, such as stem cell therapy, personalised medicine and self-healing materials.