Academy Profession (Academy Profession) in Denmark

Studying Academy Profession (Academy Profession)

An Academy Profession (AP) degree programme, or AP degree, is a specialised study course aimed at providing higher education and increased employment opportunities to international students worldwide. AP programmes take two years or two years and a half to complete and offer graduates the option to immediately progress to a third year of studies, leading to a full Bachelor's degree diploma.

Students enrolled in an Academy Profession programme benefit from a mix of theoretical and practice-oriented experiences. English-taught classes with limited numbers of students encourage a high level of interaction between participants.

AP programmes have good industry connections and usually include internships for relevant companies. AP degrees focus on addressing the career needs of international students, and feature guest lecturers from private businesses and the latest research in the field.

Study in Denmark

Study in Denmark to experience innovative teaching methods, allowing you to acquire the skills to become an independent learner. Denmark international studies focus on the students, encouraging them to express their opinions freely. Universities and colleges in Denmark provide a diverse range of study subjects, and they pay special attention to innovation, hand-on experience, and research.

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27 Academy Profession (Academy Profession) Bachelor's degrees in Denmark


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