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Studying a degree in London (United Kingdom) is a unique opportunity to get some of the best higher education abroad, in any subject you could imagine. This unequalled multicultural British study environment features high-ranking international universities, modern facilities, and experienced teachers applying the latest research. Study abroad in London and you will have everything you need to support your personal and professional development.


Studying in London

London higher education is well-known for its industry focus in fields such as business administration (top international MBAs), economics, engineering, medical studies, information technology (IT&C), arts (drama schools), language studies, social sciences, and more. Over 30,000 diverse specialisations at all degree levels (Bachelors, Masters or PhDs, also called undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral level) nurture self-development and critical thinking. You will be encouraged to pursue individual research work in postgraduate (Master’s level) study, and participate in activities demanding high peer interaction. Experienced teachers engage in classroom discussions and quizzes, creating an open study environment.

Various study options offer great flexibility. Besides diverse degree courses, higher education institutions in London provide a wide assortment of short courses, certificates and diploma studies. If you’re coming from a non-EU country, you can enrol in a foundation course that will prepare for entry in a degree study. Choosing an intensive study option can result in fewer years of study. Many remote (online or e-learning) study options are also available. Facilities and classrooms are well equipped and meet specific student needs. Over 120 libraries are available for students all around the city.


Career opportunities in London

London’s great international environment attracts businesses from all over the world, providing exceptional opportunities for your future career. In fact, London has three times more European multinational headquarters than any other city in Europe. These include banks, media companies, publishers and various other businesses looking to hire new employees. Companies either based or with offices in London include: British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), British American Tobacco, Marks & Spencer, OMV UK, Calvin Klein, Coca-Cola Enterprises, HSBC Bank, Paramount, Porsche, and more. Universities themselves advertise internships in some of the top international companies.


London city life

It is close to impossible to get bored in London. You can participate in parties, festivals and concerts of all musical genres! Attend musicals and theatre plays or watch movies in one of the 100 modern cinemas in the city.

Over 1,000 museums and art galleries in London present famous international exhibits, including the British Museum, the National Gallery, or Madame Tussauds’ Wax Museum. Experience London from high above, from the London Eye, and see famous sites such as the Tower of London, Trafalgar Square and the Buckingham Palace. You can also visit the amazing parks of London. Hyde Park is one of the most popular parks in London and is a must-see for nature lovers.

The nightlife in London is equally entertaining, with over 7,000 bars and pubs. Entry rates in clubs may be free in some instances, while some pubs offer price reductions for students. Events organised by student unions also include entertaining nights out.

International atmosphere in London

Only 57% of Londoners are British by birth, proving that London is one of the most ethnically diverse cities in the world. The rich international environment will encourage you to interact with people from other countries and cultures such as France, India, China, Turkey, Brazil, United States, Poland, and more. It’s the perfect place to establish a global network of friends or future business partners. You will also likely run into nationals from your home country in diverse communities throughout London.

Weather London

When going out keep in mind the changing London weather. Temperatures can average 25°C in summer, and may drop to -3°C in winter, with occasional snows. Make sure to wear layers of clothes to be prepared for unexpected rain or fog.


Accommodation costs in London

Here are some accommodation options you should consider:

  • Most universities and colleges in London provide halls of residence, for one year. However, securing a place might be very difficult. Rent may sound high, but the price usually includes utility and food bills. (£105 to £250 per week)
  • Many language schools offer possibilities to stay at a hostel, or a hotel.
  • Rented rooms from private landlords and housing organisations. Suburbs with good reputation and fast transport routes are great options.
  • A host family to live with and practise your English in a friendly environment.

Private accommodation is usually between £170 and £350 per week, depending on the distance from the centre of London. Costs in more distant suburbs may get as low as £300 per month. Utility costs for private accommodation include electricity, water and heating and usually amount to £15–£30 per week.

Living costs in London

London is an expensive city to live in. Accommodation, transport, food and going out can become a burden if you’re living on a limited budget. You should generally be ready to spend a minimum of £800 per month. In some cases, food will be included in the costs of living of university residence halls. Otherwise, food will cost you about £30-40 per week. Supermarkets in local areas are affordable, while flee-markets are an inexpensive way to get clothing and books. Restaurants are usually quite expensive while a dinner in a pub might cost up to £10.

Universities in London

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