Study Bachelor’s degrees in Kleve, Germany -

Study Bachelor's Degrees in Kleve, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

Kleve at a glance

Kleve is a town in the Lower Rhine region of northwestern Germany, close to the Dutch border and the River Rhine. Kleve has an interesting history, due to the fact that is the birth place of the English monarch, Henry VIII’s fourth wife, Anne of Cleves. Kleve got its name in the honour of Anne of Cleves and also from the old coat of arms of the city displaying three clovers. Home to one major public university, Kleve captures a young and lively atmosphere, counting over 1,000 international students each year, from more than 100 different countries. Study abroad in Kleve, a safe and pleasant German town, stepped in history and discover the fascinating German culture, with a twist of typical Dutch atmosphere.


Studying in Kleve

Kleve is home to one public university offering many Bachelor and Master degrees available in both German and English as medium of instruction. Students can also opt for part-time study and the curricula of programmes cover modern teaching combined with practical work, labs and exercises. The state-of-the-art research facilities enable students to get the required training in order to become experts in their future careers.

You can choose from specialisations in fields like engineering, life sciences, international relations, economics, communications, environmental studies, agriculture and more.

The university has many partnerships with worldwide universities and also includes many student services, specifically dedicated to international students.


Career opportunities in Kleve

Kleve has a prosperous economy, with the following major sectors: manufacturing (machinery, steel products, motor vehicles, medical devices, computer-memory-storage devices), tourism, retail, services, and commerce.

The main companies located in Kleve are: MOL Logistics, MSK Packaging Systems, Ipsen International, The Surgical Company, FUJIFILM Electronic Imaging Europe, Spectro.

International students will find plenty of internship opportunities they can apply in local companies, specifically in the major industry sectors from Kleve.


Kleve city life

Placed right next to the border with the Netherlands, Kleve has an interesting cultural mix, combining Dutch and German features.

Kleve has the typical laid back, relaxed and friendly atmosphere of a small town. However, Kleve is filled with students and young people, and you can find numerous places to have fun and relax. The main attractions of Kleve are:

  • Kleve Historical Gardens
  • Castle Schwanenburg (Swan Castle)
  • Museum Kurhaus Kleve
  • Lohengrin Fountain
  • Collegiate Church

If you’re a nature lover, have a walk in Reichswald forest, located between Kleve and the Netherlands. In Kleve, you can also engage in fun sporting activities like hot air balloon rides, kayaking and paddle boating.

The night life is pretty lively, so check out night clubs such as Tower Club, Casa Cleve, and Radhaus or have fun at one of the local events, such as Carnival Monday, where you can admire a huge parade with costumes, candy and creative floats.

If you’re interested in seeing more of Germany, Dusseldorf is just an hour away, while Hamburg and Bremen are one hour and a half away by train or by car. You can also see Enschede and Eindhoven cities in Netherlands, also about an hour away.

International atmosphere in Kleve

Besides the significant international student population, around 10 % of the population from Kleve is foreign-born. The large majority of immigrants are Dutch and Polish.

In terms of international business, many small foreign companies have a central office in Kleve, most of them are Dutch companies. In addition, Swiss and American companies also have a strong presence in Kleve, mostly related to services and manufacturing industries.

Weather Kleve

Kleve has a warm and temperate weather, with four seasons; winters are cold and with snowfalls, and summers are warm and rainy. The average temperature in December is 5 -6 C (42 F), while in the hottest summer months of June and July, temperature ranges at 23-24 C (64 F). In July and August, you will experience the largest amounts of rainfalls.


Accommodation costs in Kleve

In Kleve, you won’t find campus housing available, the main accommodation options are:

1. Share a flat – average rent is 300-350 EUR/month.

2. Hostel – rates are around 40 EUR/night for a single room.

Living costs in Kleve

As a student living in Kleve, you can benefit from quite affordable prices. Your monthly living costs would round up at around 800 EUR for all your expenses, including housing, food bills, local transportation and moderate social activities.

A meal in an inexpensive restaurant costs around 10 EUR, and food bills from the local supermarkets should be around 200 EUR/month. To get around Kleve, you can use the public transportation and pay for a semester ticket that costs 35 EUR/month.

Universities in Kleve

Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences is a young, vibrant university in the Lower Rhine region of Germany which offers innovative and challenging degree programmes as well as first-rate research opportunities in the natural sciences, social sciences, economics, technology and engineering. 

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