Top-Quality Online Bachelor's Degrees That Are Also Cheap -

Top-Quality Online Bachelor's Degrees That Are Also Cheap

As tuition fees continue to rise, students look for online Bachelor’s degrees which quickly become the cheapest way to graduate and establish a career. Here’s a list of top-quality degrees which are affordable and you can study from home (or wherever).

Are you looking for the cheapest online Bachelor’s degree? Establishing a career without a bachelor’s degree can be challenging. At the same time, a bachelor’s tends to drain your finances and leave you in debt upon completion.

In fact, college tuition fees have risen nearly 6% faster since the 1970s! Fortunately, you can find the best affordable online Bachelor's degree programmes for half the price of on-campus education. 

According to UNESCO's 2023 Global Education Monitoring Report, distance learning had a potential reach of over 1 billion students. And the numbers are growing since online education shaves off tremendous expenses. In fact, the past few years contributed a lot to this. In fact, the 40.000 online programmes from around the world, which are available on our portals, shows distance education is increasingly popular. 

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As an online student, all you have to do is enroll, create your own schedule and finish your studies without leaving the comfort of your home. Naturally, to study online effectively, you’ll need to organise your schedule, be self-motivated, and manage your time efficiently. In this article, we’ve rounded the cheapest bachelor's degrees online that are also of high quality to help you kick-start your career. Let’s dive in!

Best Affordable Online Bachelor Degree Programmes

1. Business Administration by the University of the People

This 2-year Business Administration degree at the University of the People provides a solid understanding of business fundamentals. Students are introduced to the principles of business management, micro, and macroeconomics, accounting, communication, and marketing. Additionally, each student gets connected with a personal program advisor to act as their support system throughout their studies.

The University of the People is an accredited American institution that strives to make higher education affordable and accessible for all. That’s why the tuition fees for this program are 1.246 EUR/year, mainly used to maintain the university’s enrollment and cost materials. To get admitted to the program, you’ll need to be at least 16 years old and a high school graduate with English proficiency.

2. Arts and Letters by Portland State University

Next on our list of cheap online degrees is this 4-year Arts and Letters program at Portland State University which will make you a better writer, researcher, and communicator. Some modules you’ll study are American literature, public speaking, history of western art, and dance in film. Not all students are meant for traditional education, so if you wish to study independently at your own pace, this program is for you. 

Gain all the sought-after skills employers are looking for and prepare for positions in the government, nonprofits, businesses, or educational institutions. To get admitted, you must meet English language proficiency and have a GPA of at least 2.5. The tuition fees are 675 EUR/year. Choose your own flexible path and combine work with studying anytime from anywhere.

3. Information Technology by Dublin City University

This Information Technology program by Dublin City University is one of the cheapest bachelor's degrees online. With a 2-year duration and 900 EUR/module, you can develop your knowledge and skills in a fast-moving field. The program is structured around computer programing, software development, user experience and entrepreneurship to help you kick-start your career in a field with huge demand.

To get admitted, you’ll need proof of language proficiency and regular access to the Internet. Students under the age of 23 must also satisfy the minimum degree entry requirements of Dublin City University available on their site. After graduating from this program with a unique mix of skills in computing and business, you’ll be able to find a job opportunity immediately in a fast-growing industry.

4. Nursing by Jiangnan University

If you’re searching for the best affordable online bachelor degree programs, this 4-year Nursing degree by Jiangnan University will fit the bill. Receive basic training in clinical nursing and have the ability to treat patients. The program is structured around medical chemistry, human anatomy, biochemistry, and mathematics, giving you the skills to become an innovative professional.

Additionally, it’ll give you a 360 approach to the trait, introducing you to the social science, ethics, and techniques necessary to execute your discipline conscientiously. To get admitted, you’ll need to be a holder of a high-school diploma and have proof of English language proficiency. The tuition fees are 2.551 EUR/year. After graduating, you’ll be able to fulfil your duties as a nurse and serve human health by applying your science. Additionally, you can find job opportunities in hospitals or act as private support for individuals.

5. Journalism and Media Studies by the University of Nairobi

No list of the cheapest bachelor degree online would be complete without the Journalism and Media Studies offered by the University of Nairobi. The program is structured around the basics of communication in interpersonal, mass, and intercultural forms. Study the psychology of communication, the history of mass communication, and computer applications in a 4-year module that’ll help you kick-start your career in marketing or journalism.

The University of Nairobi is a pioneer accredited institution that’ll equip you with the necessary skills to become a communication professional. The tuition fees for this bachelor’s are 1.892 EUR/year making it one of the cheap online degrees to cut your expenses in half. After graduating, you’ll be able to work in advertising and marketing firms, publishers, or television.

Ready to Enrol in the Cheapest Bachelor Degree Online?

If you’ve decided to jumpstart your career this year, online studies are an efficient, low-tuition-fee solution to begin with. All you have to do is decide on your subject of interest, research your cheap online degree in Bachelorsportal and submit your applications. An online degree will allow you to combine work with studies without making the financial commitment or pressuring your already busy schedule.

Study from wherever you are and gain the skills, knowledge, and confidence to land your dream job. Hopefully, our guide to the best affordable online bachelor degree programs will give you a good starting point for your distance learning. The institutions listed on our portals are some of the best universities in the world that guarantee a high-quality learning experience with constant support. So choose your online bachelor's degree today, and let’s get studying!

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