Become a Lawyer by Studying an Affordable Online Law Degree -

Become a Lawyer by Studying an Affordable Online Law Degree

Studying an online Bachelor’s in Law can get you a degree on your own schedule! Studying remotely may have its perks besides just flexibility, as it turns out accredited online programmes are most often more affordable than on-site universities.

A Bachelor’s degree in Law is the first step toward a career in the legal system, meaning you will probably need one to get a job as a lawyer or attorney or judge. These are probably the first careers that come to mind when you think about Legal Education, but there are many other paths just as exciting.

Prosecutors, law enforcement agents, legal advisors, mediators, barristers, detectives etc, must also have a solid Law education to be proficient in their field but also to be able to practice their profession. Many of the above are intriguing and profitable careers in both the private and the public sectors. One of the many benefits of choosing a career path related to Law is that job opportunities are expected to significantly increase by 2030 in many countries around the world.

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Lawyers (or attorneys) earn a median yearly pay of $126,930 in the United States, which is three times the national median yearly wage, which is indeed motivating! The best part is that the path to becoming a lawyer is now easier than ever.

The key condition to pass the bar test and practice law in most countries is owning a Juris Doctor degree, but the first step to getting there is a Bachelor’s in Law. Getting your Bachelor’s Law degree is in fact a must in almost 251154 of the states in the US and the European Union countries.

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All of the colleges and universities highlighted by Study Portals are accredited, and regardless of the school or division, all of our ranked schools have passed the test of delivering graduates with actual success.

The pro’s and con’s of learning online for your Law Degree

The greatest benefit of learning online is increased flexibility: you can learn whenever, however, and wherever you prefer. In some cases, it may turn out to be a good idea that the University you pick to study online be as close to where you reside as possible. 

This is important when you have to physically get there for various reasons (usually bureaucracy). The closer the university, the easiest it is for you to do it with less time and money spent on the road.

At the same time, studying online at a University in your own country, or doing so in a nation with familiar values and law system, will help you to assimilate knowledge and learn courses more easily.

Some programmes are offered asynchronously or have part-time formats, meaning that they allow students to finish coursework and also have a job.

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One of the most significant disadvantages of online learning is not meeting new people. This is especially important for young undergraduates, who should be socially active and enjoy their student experience to the max. University is vital for your profession, but don't forget that you'll make friends for life at university. Without face-to-face interaction, online students may struggle to obtain a flavour of life as a lawyer.

What to consider when searching for your best Law Programme?

As the number of both partially and totally online Master's Law degree Universities expands, applicants considering an online Law program should keep the following tips in mind:

Look towards Universities with the highest reputation. 

The quality of education may be more important in online legal schools than in traditional ones. While every law school has good and terrible teachers, higher-ranked law schools tend to recruit outstanding professors. Here are some articles we previously wrote on this topic:

Think about what makes you tick

Many online legal schools focus on specialized areas of Law, such as Commercial Law, Intellectual Property Law, or Cyber Law. Make sure you select a curriculum that corresponds to your professional goals.

Prioritize hands-on experience

The practical experience obtained from working in teams, clinics, and voluntary activities on campus is perhaps the component of legal school that graduates cherish the most.

What Would a Law Degree Cost? 

The finest online law colleges charge fees on a per-credit basis. This rate assures that all students, regardless of enrolment status, pay the same amount for their education. However, public colleges may charge much more to out-of-state students. The total semester cost varies according to the course load.

Plan a budget for extra online student fees. 

Studying online comes with some specific costs, besides the obvious ones (a decent laptop, stable internet, books and instructional materials etc). Some online law schools also charge a graduation fee.

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