Motivation Letter Example: Student Applying to a Bachelor's in Computer Science and Engineering -

Motivation Letter Example: Student Applying to a Bachelor's in Computer Science and Engineering

As most reputable universities refine their admission process to ensure maximum ambition and dedication from their students, the practice of including a motivation letter in the application file has become a widespread trend.

One of the most desirable and competitive degrees you could study nowadays is a Bachelor’s in Computer Science, an ideal beginning in the career of any future computer engineer.

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While motivation letters are usually a staple of study programmes in fields like Humanities, Law, Social Sciences or Arts, the need to emphasise the willpower and enthusiasm towards a technical subject should not be underestimated.

We offer below an example of a motivational letter written by a high school graduate from Italy for a Bachelor’s in Computer Science and Engineering at a university in the Netherlands.

But just before you can use this motivation letter as inspiration for your future Bachelor’s or Master's application, you need to first know where you want to study.

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Computer science is a very popular subject, so there's no wonder you can choose any country for your Bachelor's. The most popular are:

Motivation letter for a Bachelor's in Computer Science and Engineering

Dear Sir/Madam,

I have read the information about the Bachelor in Computer Science & Engineering study programme with great interest on your website. Through this motivational letter, I would like to put forward my candidacy for enrolment in this course.

In May 2016, I have finished my high school diploma at the [University name] in Italy and received the Diploma from the [Institute name]. My diploma is mainly aimed at mathematics and the sciences. I have decided to take the most advanced courses in mathematics, chemistry and physics available in school in order to challenge myself and make sure that I will be as prepared as possible for your study programme. Even though I have been reluctant many times to follow this combination of courses, as it is regarded as having the largest workload, I have pushed through the past two years of school work and I have made it possible thanks to my passion, commitment and hard work in mathematics, chemistry and physics.

My interest in computer science began around three years ago when I first came into contact with computer coding in school while creating a small website. From there on, I was captivated. I started working on small projects of my own, creating other websites and a simple calculator. I have learned small pieces of codes from several languages through the Harvard lectures that are available online freely as well as through other. For me, working on computer code is my way of being creative, since I find it difficult to be creative in more common ways such as drawing. Every time I write a piece of computer code, I get the feeling I have created a piece of art and reading computer code, to me, feels like looking at a piece of art.

Furthermore, in June 2015, I have participated in an internship for a week at Scania Financial Services Italy, where I worked together with the IT manager. During this week, I worked on creating a database. This was the first time I ever encountered SQL programming language. During this week, I managed to learn basic SQL and create the database. This week of work experience was very useful as it enabled me to deepen my understanding of computer science. It was an excellent opportunity to gain work experience in my chosen field of computer science.

Even in school, I have tried to contribute as much as I can with the technical team, getting involved throughout several events, particularly the International Evening. After the first year, I was elected to be a team leader in charge of organising the participants and technical manager who delegated tasks for the duration of the events. The most important thing I have learned from this is that it is very important to take initiative whilst working in a team, but also that, as a leader, you must not expect the rest of the team to do all the work on their own.

At home, I have also been very interested in computers. Around May last year, I build my second personal computer from scratch as well as one for my brother. I have also managed to assemble a server, which has been a very interesting experience as it gave me more insight into how a computer works and how the different processors and chipsets interact together to be able to function like a computer. Additionally, I have identified and overcome the technical difficulties associated with building a computer.

In regards to studying at [University2 name], I seek to combine all the knowledge I have gathered over the years and try to deepen my understanding of computer science and engineering. I have decided to go down this route which contains more software compared to hardware, because of my greater interest in software engineering combined with my ability to solve problems and the joy I take in doing so. I feel that this is my driving passion that will allow me to succeed during the years that I will be studying at the [University2 name].

I hope that I have been able to convince you of my excellent capabilities and my passionate motivation to start studying computer science and engineering at [University2 name]. I really look forward to your reply and to start studying at your University!

Kind Regards

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