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Undergraduate Tuition Fees in the U.S. per State in 2023

One major factor in choosing where you want to study abroad is knowing whether you can afford it. If you’re considering getting a Bachelor’s degree in the United States, you will find that students will often spend up to 30,000 USD per year or higher on tuition.

Finding the average tuition fees at US universities can be quite tricky. Still, the people at College Tuition Compare managed to create a nifty list with the average tuition costs for public and private universities.

Heads up, though! Tuition fees at public organisations can vary significantly based on whether you’re out-of-state or in-state. Assuming you’re an international student, we only gathered the average tuition fees for out-of-state students.

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Tuition fees in Massachusetts

Massachusetts, the birthplace of Thanksgiving and the American industrial revolution, seems perfect for your international student experience.

Boston and its universities are some of the most popular choices for students from abroad, as well as students coming from other American states.

On average, tuition costs at colleges in Massachusetts are:

  • Public colleges: 15,100 USD/year
  • Private colleges: 30,950 USD/year

Tuition fees in New York

Many international students want to enrol at colleges and universities in New York, one of the most famous and culturally diverse cities in America. And we cannot blame them!

If you're one of them, you should know that the average tuition fees are: 

  • Public colleges: 14,250 USD/year 
  • Private colleges: 21,750 USD/year 

Tuition fees in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania — the state that outlawed singing in the bathtub and sweeping dirt underneath a rug (no, really!) — is one of the calmer and more picturesque destinations international students choose for their Bachelor’s degree.

On average, tuition fees in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh are around:

  • Public colleges: 18,150 USD/year 
  • Private colleges: 24,900 USD/year 

Tuition fees in North Carolina

The universities in North Carolina, and, by default, those in Charlotte, are some of the cheapest in the U.S. But that doesn’t mean they aren't as good as the rest.

The average tuition fees here are:

  • Public colleges: 10,850 USD/year 
  • Private colleges: 21,700 USD/year 

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Tuition fees in Florida

Florida may just be the wildest state in the U.S. Whether it's that story when a bag of cocaine just fell from an airplane in the middle of a meeting in 1994, or when it gave permission to its citizens to smash wind-shields if a pet was stuck in the car, you can bet that each day there will be a true adventure.

The tuition costs in cities like Orlando, Miami, or Tampa average around:

  • Public colleges: 8,700 USD/year 
  • Private colleges: 17,650 USD/year 

Tuition fees in Texas

Texas is a destination that offers a wide range of Bachelor’s degrees in its popular cities, like Austin, Dallas, Houston, and El Paso. The average tuition fees here are:

  • Public colleges: 12,450 USD/year 
  • Private colleges: 17,750 USD/year 

Tuition fees in California

In addition to being sure to wear some flowers in your hair, you should also be sure to check out Bachelor’s programmes here. San Diego, Los Angeles, and San Francisco are some of the most popular and awesome cities where you could study.

The average tuition fees at Californian universities and colleges are:

  • Public colleges: 11,750 USD/year 
  • Private colleges: 22,000 USD/year 

Tuition fees in Georgia

With an island inhabited by wild horses, Georgia sounds like a haven for international students, especially seeing how affordable the universities can be here:

  • Public colleges: 11,350 USD/year
  • Private colleges: 19,750 USD/year

Tuition fees in Michigan

Michigan — or, more exactly, Detroit — gave us some of the greatest talents in the music industry (Stevie Wonder, Iggy Pop, Eminem, and Madonna, among others). So, be sure to check Music related Bachelor’s degrees here. But, besides that, you should also know that the average tuition costs are around:

  • Public colleges: 13,450 USD/year 
  • Private colleges: 19,450 USD/year 

We try to keep the information about tuition fees as relevant and up-to-date as possible. However, tuition fees can (and often do) change every year. For a more accurate indication of tuition fees, please visit the official website of your preferred university.

You can also check out average tuition fees in other states on the College Tuition Compare webpage.

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