International Relations: The Most Important Degree of 2020

If this past year’s events have taught us anything, it’s that there is a strong need for an international perspective and a more global vision, to better understand the conflicts surrounding us.

As a Bachelor’s option, International Relations can open up a wide range of doors into a new, exciting future, so that you better understand the interconnected world we live in.

Bachelors in International Relations

What is International Relations and where can I study it?

Generally, International Relations introduce you to the world of politics and the social-historical impact of global development. You will learn about the different political systems and governing policies around the world, understanding how they connect with a broad range of international issues.

You should keep in mind that the most popular countries where you can study International Relations are:

Also, here are some more top schools to consider for International Relations:

These Bachelor’s programmes largely share an overall interest in researching and studying political, social and economic developments. Yet, the methods of teaching IR can differ between universities around the world.

Why would I want to study a Bachelor's in International Relations?

Other than impressing people at pubs with your knowledge of world events, there are actually ways to use an International Relations Bachelor’s degree to build a great career.

Besides holding office in government or working in foreign affairs, you can also use your Bachelor’s degree in IR to enter the worlds of: Business, Journalism, Economics, NGOs, Advertising, and Social research.

As you can see International Relations is a versatile discipline which easily relates to other subjects.

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In fact, many students in the U.S. will double-major their International Relations degree and find other fields that are relevant alongside International Studies. They will often discover that their study of international politics can enhance or complement their other subjects of interest, adding a different perspective to it, as well as more ways to think. Some typical disciplines to combine with International relations if you want to study and undergraduate degree in the US are: 

Which famous people studied International Relations?

If you’re still wondering about the benefits of a Bachelor's or Master's degree in International Relations, take a look at this list of famous people who have also studied this subject:

  • John F. Kennedy (American President) 
  • Nirmala Sitaraman (Indian Minister) 
  • Judith Goldstein (Stanford Professor)
  • Ban Ki-moon (Secretary-General of the United Nations) 
  • Ron Silver (Actor) 
  • Kevin Ford (Astronaut) 
  • Shiva Keshavan (Olympic Athlete)

If you can picture yourself working for the UN, travelling the world and shaking hands with foreign dignitaries, or working for a non-profit in another country, then an International Relations Bachelor’s degree would be the best way to go.

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