Best Countries to Study Environmental Engineering and Work Abroad in 2023

A breed of modern-day superheroes, environmental engineers are the men and women who protect us from toxic waste, pollution of soil, air or water, and any other public health-related issue you can think of. But which are the best places to put such superpowers to use?

Find Bachelors in Environmental Engineering

If you consider doing a Bachelor’s in Environmental Engineering abroad, here is what career prospects are in store for you and what are the best destinations to consider.

Doing a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Engineering sounds good (even a bit fancy), but what it entails exactly? Well, you will have theoretical and lab courses — some with very long and strange names:

  • Engineering Thermodynamics
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Separation Processes Fundamentals
  • Fluid Dynamics,
  • Geology
  • Environmental Law

Don’t worry, you’ll get the hang of it very fast. We promise.

Environmental engineering is typically in demand in developed Western countries, because they have the resources and the means to focus on environmental issues more than underdeveloped countries. Some of the best countries worldwide to work as an environmental engineer include:

1. Canada — work for improving people’s standard of living

Canada is very keen on protecting the environment and securing high standards of living for its residents, so it is no wonder many environmental engineers in Canada work for state agencies and environmental organisations. Entry level salaries average at 30,000 EUR/ year, but after five years of experience they can grow up to 60,000 EUR/year.

As Canadians like to train their peeps, you should definitely check Bachelors in Environmental Engineering in Canada.

2. USA — most states need qualified environmental engineers

There are always numerous job adverts for environmental engineers in the U.S., especially in private companies in the chemical industry, in architecture, or waste management. The average salary is 72,000 EUR/ year once you gain some experience. Some of the U.S. states where environmental engineers earn plump figures are:

  • Houston - 100,000 EUR/ year
  • New Orleans - 92,000 EUR/year
  • San Francisco - 87,000 EUR /year

If you consider a job there, you’ll get a good head start if you also do your Bachelor’s studies in Environmental Engineering in the U.S. Plenty of options to find the programme that suits you best.

3. The United Kingdom — get a green job from the Brits

Often called green jobs in the UK, work placements in the field of environmental engineering are available both in private industries and in government agencies, most of them based in London.

The median salary is 22,000 - 55,000 EUR/ year. And the higher-studies programmes are a good indicator of how well it pays. There are at least 34 Bachelor’s degrees in Environmental Engineering in the UK.


4. United Arab Emirates — working in a growing industry

UAE is an exciting place for young environmental engineers, because the challenges are different in this hot, dry area.  Maybe you heard of the palm tree-shaped islands built from scratch in Dubai.

Well, quite a few environmental engineers were behind it. The financial rewards compensate sweating at work: they start at 11,000 EUR/ year but can reach as much as 87,000 EUR/year, depending on the project.

Check out Environmental Engineering Bachelors in the United Arab Emirates.

5. China — a growing market for environmental engineers

China has pledged to reduce its carbon emissions. This implies that in the next few years we can expect the demand for environmental engineers to grow in China, especially in the design and construction of environmental engineering projects. China is very likely to also invest in research and development of environmental technologies, monitoring, and consultancy.

The promising developments in this field are visible in the growing number of Bachelors in Environmental Engineering in China.

Jobs you can find with a Bachelor’s in Environmental Engineering

Once you get a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Engineering you can consider three main career paths:

  • Environmental ‘civil’ engineer—you will join the civil engineering industry and work in projects related to hydrology, management of water resources, bioremediation, and designing water treatment plants.
  • Environmental ‘chemical’ engineer—you will join the chemical industry and work in projects related to environmental chemistry, and complex air and water treatment systems.
  • Environmental ‘law’ engineer—you will join the field of law and use your technical expertise to offer legal consulting with regards to rules and regulations in environmental engineering practices.

To prepare joining one of these fields, you should take specific courses – such as Civil Engineering, Chemical Engineering or Environmental Law – during your Bachelor’s studies, or further specialise by doing a Master’s in one of these areas.

It is worth it because environmental engineers rank among best engineering jobs and a fresh Bachelor’s graduate makes 38,000 - 59,000 EUR/ year.

Find Bachelors in Environmental Engineering

Pick your destination future environmental engineer and start looking for study programmes there. Your chances of staying in the country where you do your Bachelor’s in Environmental Engineering are higher if your degree is in demand. As always, we are rooting for you and wishing you the best of luck!

PS 1: check out online Bachelors in Environmental Engineering.

PS 2: check out international Masters in Environmental Engineering worldwide.

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