Klaipeda State College

Klaipeda, Lithuania
Klaipeda State College is the third-largest college in Lithuania with strong academic reputation. The initial target of the College is an ensuring of high quality of academic teaching and research facilities. The College focuses on study programs that lead to a profession. The graduates of the College gain professional Bachelor degree. The studies are practice orientated; students are able to successfully apply their knowledge in a real working environment.



The University was formally founded on January 1, 1991 by a decree of Seimas (Lithuanian Parliament). The new university incorporated existing institutions of higher education in the city.


Klaipeda State University of Applied Sciences, the third-largest University of Applied Sciences in Lithuania, offers 12 full-time study programmes in English and 7 study programmes in Russian.


Studies and Carrier Office is open to students helping them with lots of matters – information, advice, consultation, support and other.In every faculty Vice Deans are responsible for students matters and they organize “Orientation Week” for new-comers.The exchange students can also receive consultancy from or via International Relations Department.

Bachelor's programmes

Medicine & Health (1)


Student services

Studies in the College are oriented to practical training, so internships are coordinated centrally in every faculty through four business practical learning enterprises (BPLE) where an activity of Business Company can be simulated. Also students have their internships in different companies, hotels and other, which are mainly of the College’s social partners. Students usually have not less than 24 ECTS during their study period.

Housing services

College can offer accommodation for exchange students. Students are offered to live in a College dormitory (equipped rooms with single or communal bath, separate or communal kitchen, washing machines).

Library services

Auditoriums and laboratories are equipped with modern computers, multimedia. All students can use libraries which are in every faculty; they can also use Iindividual rooms, e. g. for project writings. From 2003 library system ALEPH 500 was implemented, and there is electronic library catalogue as well as Science publications in the College’s database.

ICT services

There is an internet access in all faculties of the College, mostly at the libraries. At the moment there are no Wi-Fi zones in the territory of the College. To connect to internet wireless it is possible most of cafes, shopping centers, some public places of the city (look for Wi-Fi sign).

Medical services

Citizens of EU countries are entitled to use most of the health care services free of charge provided by a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). Non EU citizens ought to make arrangements for insurance by themselves. Services of medicine are offered in public and private medicine centers in the city.

Student Life

Campus life

Klaipeda University occupies a former military campus. The territory of 23.6 hectares (58 acres) contains six Neo-Gothic buildings that have been declared architectural monuments. In the first half of the 20th century these four-story red brick buildings, erected by the Germans in 1904–1907, comprised two residential blocks for servicemen, a chapel-canteen-club, HQ and a guardhouse, a residential block for officers and an storehouse for uniforms. During the 20th century it was a base for, successively, German, French, Lithuanian and Soviet troops.

Sports facilities

In the College there are sport halls in the faculties, a gym in the dormitory, a stadium and a swimming pool. Lots of discounts are offered for students.

Student clubs

Student Union has different departments which coordinates different students’ matters, concerning social, academic, international, leisure, marketing and other. ESN works through the Union.