With its dynamic, innovative and research-oriented faculty, Alt?nba? University aims to educate the brilliant young generation of the new century to become self-confident, open-minded, and technologically capable adults of the global information and technology society. Alt?nba? University is awaiting students who will create new pathways into the dynamic future of the world.

Top reasons to study here

  • University teachers are citizens, members of a learned profession, and officers of an educational institution.
  • The University makes every effort to prevent the deprivation of its students of educational opportunities due to financial difficulties.
  • The University adopts the principles of transparency and accountability in all activities.

Bachelor's programmes

Social Sciences (5)
Business & Management (4)
Engineering & Technology (4)
Arts, Design & Architecture (2)
Medicine & Health (2)
Computer Science & IT (1)
Environmental Studies & Earth Sciences (1)
Law (1)
  • L.L.B. Law
    School of Law



The University was established by Mehmet Altinbas Education and Culture Foundation in 2008 and accepted its first students in the academic year 2011-2012. With its exceptional academic staff and visionary institutional values, Alt?nba? University is dedicated to creating and sharing knowledge to fulfill its mission of adding value to the society.


Effective Education

  • Education in small classrooms
  • Active learning and hands-on experience
  • An academic advisor for each student
  • Strong educational infrastructure
Strong Foreign Language Education
  • Education in English
  • Professional English courses embedded in the curricula
  • Academic staff experienced in teaching in English
Strong Computer Education
  • Compulsory computer courses in all departments
  • Opportunity to follow courses, homework and projects on the Internet


Student services

The International Office is the central coordinating unit for all the international activities of Altinbas University. The Office is responsible for:

  • international representation of the University,
  • managing international partnerships,
  • international student recruitment, and
  • providing support and counseling to international students.

Housing services

Accommodation is available for Altinbas University students in a number of dorms. These dorms are located in the vicinity of the campus and are designed to provide a clean, comfortable, secure and civilized environment for the students. Altinbas University also offers students an All Inclusive package with their accommodation. 

Library services

The vision is to be a modern library that supports the scientific and intellectual activities with the latest technology by providing information and documentation services at international standards and via contemporary and universal resources.

Medical services

Health Center: Health center of IKBU serves during Office hours with a doctor, nurses and a fully equipped clinic at Mahmutbey campus.

Student Life

Campus life

IKBU Mahmutbey Campus is not only designed for educational life, but also for hosting activities oriented to enrich social and cultural lives of students. In this respect, the campus has many facilities where international conferences, talks with professionals, concerts, festivals, exhibitions etc. can be held.

Sports facilities

Health, Culture and Sports Department (HCS) has been established with the purpose of meeting students’ various needs in terms of health, culture and sports.

Student clubs

One of the vital elements of the life in a university is that the social activities should nourish the academic life. In this respect, student clubs are activity centers that contribute to the socializing of the students promoting their senses of sharing and solidarity.

In our university, student clubs are formed in accordance with the demands and inclinations of the students, with their own will. Clubs functioning in various areas like music, sports, art, entrepreneurship, law, psychology, etc prepare the students to the future and contribute to the enrichment of their cultural and social lives.