DRH Norway - One World Institute

Øyer, Norway
Private school specialised in the education of Development Instructors to Humana People to People’s projects in Africa and India: a 2 year programme “Fighting with The Poor” that includes a 3 month study-travel period and 6 months work at development projects in India or Africa. The education is in cooperation with the One World University in Mozambique and leads to an A or B certificate in “Fighting with The Poor”.  The school also organises a 6-8 month period for saving-up to finance the education (optional).



The first traveling folk high school started in Denmark in 1970. It later led to the founding of DRH Norway in 1978. Today, it is known as the One World Institute - International School For Cooperation and Development. From then up until now, both the participants and the teachers in the school have traveled and worked in numerous countries, on four continents: Africa, Asia, America and Europe.

Bachelor's programmes

Applied Sciences & Professions (1)


Housing services

The school has been established alongside the neighboring hotel as a training center for people interested in development work in developing countries, as well as for people who would like to try something new, see different cultures and meet other people from around the world.

Library services

The school has a multi-lingual library.

ICT services

The school has computers accessible for everyone.

Student Life

Campus life

DRH Norway is situated in Hornsjøen (in Norwegian: The Beautiful Lake), 883 meters above sea level, 36 km North-East of Lillehammer. The school shares buildings with Hornsjø High Mountain Hotel, which is a beautiful cross-country ski resort in the winter and a fantastic starting point for mountain hiking trails in the summer

Sports facilities

The school has a swimming pool, a sauna and a gym. In your free time you can play table tennis and pool.

Student clubs

We constantly have several teams at work, each at different stages of the school's program.Below you can read about different Fighting with The Poor teams and what they did or what they are doing right now.


One World Institute is not an accredited university, although during the program youll be enrolled as a distance-learning student at the One World University in Mozambique. This university is accredited by the Ministry of Education (Ministério da Educação) and offers a degree in Community Development Fighting with the Poor (Licenciatura em Desenvolvimento Comunitário Lutando ao Lado do Pobre).

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