Taste Culinary Business Academy

TASTE Culinary Business Academy is part of American European Education (AEE), an organization dedicated to educating students with applicable and up-to-date knowledge. Its mission is to spur the imagination of students through education. AEE encompasses 3 schools in 2 different locations (Brasov, Romania and New York, USA) independent of one another, each in a different industry or niche: Manhattan Studies Institute – Digital Marketing, TASTE Culinary Business Academy – Culinary Industry and American Hotel Academy – Hospitality Industry.

Top reasons to study here

  • Knowledge at the level of some Western institutions at a significantly lower price. BA internationally recognized, offered by Manchester Metropolitan University
  • Industry placements at 4-5 starred restaurants and hotels across the whole world. Career path planning through Student Services and a Hosco.
  • Modern Facilities equipped to provide knowledge implementation.

Bachelor's programmes

Hospitality, Leisure & Sports (1)



TASTE Culinary Business Academy was created out of passion for the hospitality industry. Seeking to widen its horizons of education in hospitality, TASTE seeks to educate in the culinary business niche. The idea was born in 2013 that slowly took shape and launched its first intake for the 2017-2018 academic year following the partnership with Manchester Metropolitan University. Our mission is to advance professionally - oriented education and applied skills training in culinary arts and food business disciplines.


The first part of the certificate programme is focused on studying the fundamentals of the culinary business environment, acquiring practical experience and understanding the culinary business fundamentals at introductory level. A significant amount of time will be spent in the culinary laboratories, balanced with time spent in the classroom to learn about food and food production and nutrition. The fundamentals of business principles, accounting and sales and marketing will add to your understanding of the culinary business environment.

The second part of the programme will focus more on the managerial aspects and menu design along with more advanced practical techniques. 

The third part of the programme focuses on strategic management skills, while exposing the student to international business developments and thinking.  


Career opportunities in the Culinary Business Industry are various in type and can be embraced by following this program, depending on the student’s individual needs/skills and personality. We offer a personalized career coaching to help you advance your career, through the designated career team in the Student Services Office. 

Students use our online career platform to get job opportunities, make connections and keep themselves updated with news from the industry and to continue learning new things. The platform brings together the best talents, schools and employers of the hospitality industry into an innovative online community.

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Student services

The Student Services Office - Provides guidance in welcoming first year students with the Welcome Week event that provides all the necessary information regarding the program, internships and all the comings and goings in and around campus.Registrar Office – The registrar office is available to all TASTE students for any academic and financial information requested by students. It also provides proof documents along with the diplomas that students receive upon completing programmeStudent Ambassador Office – Always open to any student willing to join the Student Ambassador Project, where students get involved in the events organized by the academy be they promotional, academic or charityCareer Counselling Office – Our Career Counsellor always has her door open for students for career guidance bases on the student’s skills, personality and needs.

Housing services

A limited number of rooms is provided at one of our partner hotels for international students. Subject to room availability based on number of international students.

Library services

The Academy has a library located on the ground floor of the campus. All of the material relevant to courses taught is held at the Library and/or is available electronically. Most electronic resources are available both on and off campus. During the Orientation period students will find out more details about access, accessibility and opening hours, group study room and library responsible.

ICT services

Computers and internet access are both present on campus.The academy has a student intranet named Online Campus that keeps students connected to all the important information and events taking place in the Academy. It provides 24/7 access to news, schedule, grades, courses, attendance, resources, handouts, online library, information about internships, forms, faculty, student handbook and academic rules & regulations.

Medical services

The Academy does not provide any healthcare on or off campus.

Student Life

Campus life

All the buildings of the organization are located in one place, situated in the city center, approximately 300m from the main commercial street of Brasov, Republicii. Shops and services of all kind can be found in that area. The campus provides all its facilities under the same roof, these being: main kitchen, pastry kitchen, demo kitchen, training restaurant & bar, 2 large classrooms, 3 medium classrooms, registrar office, student services office, library and e-library, career counselor office, academic office, admissions & marketing office.

Sports facilities

The Academy does not have any sport facilities.

Student clubs

Student Ambassador Programme – Students can apply as soon as they start classes by contacting the programme coordinator. The programme aims to involve students in all of the Academy’s activities, be they promotional, charity or entertainment events.Studend Government – Students can become involved in the student government at any time during their studies. Being part of the government requires participation in the annual election of the government. The elections follow a democratic process. Any society or club is subject to approval by the student government. The student body president is also involved in the bi-annual academic board meeting.


Bachelor of Arts ( HONS ) – Culinary Business Management, awarded by Manchester Metropolitan University :

  • Bachelor’s degree, accredited in the United Kingdom and worldwide recognized.
  • Accepted for Master studies in EU without additional credits and in the United States – according to the admission policy regarding European degrees of each American university.