DNS International Teacher Training College

DNS is a 3-year European bachelor programme that offers a teacher’s education. We combine theoretical knowledge with experiences and emphasise a learning-by-doing approach. Our aim is to train progressive teachers who can respond to the challenges of our time across social divisions wherever it is needed – and that is everywhere.

Bachelor's programmes

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A group of 5 teachers had in the 1960´s travelled around the world in an old bus for a year and realized how much you can learn from this experience. It was a valuable adventure worth sharing with many more people.

The group of teachers consequently started the Travelling Folk High School.

On the 1st of September 1972, the first team at DNS, the Necessary Teacher Training College, started.


DNS College has no headmaster and is governed by the students. Important decisions are taken in consensus – we never vote. We provide opportunity for individuals to find the unique model of the teacher they want to become and provide students with tools to accomplish the most ambitious goals.

Practice is our key source of knowledge. Through travels, cultural explorations and constant work with society – we develop our pedagogical tools and fulfil “teachers’ luggage”.

We work in teams, side by side with teachers – avoiding traditional hierarchy.

DNS is education for activists, pedagogues, teachers, altruists, humanitarians and those who want to change the future of the world by any means.


DNS College is a progressive institution which provides students with a wide variety of valuable experiences and skills.

We consider that the above mentioned is valued much more than the BA Degree.

Nether the less, we provide our students with a ECTS points and BA Certificate as well as 2 specializations of personal choice (ex. History, English, Natural Science etc.)

Most of our graduates decide to dedicate their lives to work with marginalized youth, special education institutions and alternative schools, but some choose a completely different field while still benefiting from qualifications acquired in DNS College.


Student services

As we are an International College – we have a lot of experience in hosting and taking care of new students from all over Europe.

  • Residence permit
Residence permits and personal identity number.
  • Insurance
Danish and European insurance.
  • Team and Teacher Council support
All the DNS College students, teachers and other employees will be there to guide you.
  • Preparations
Housing, food and day-to-day programme.
  • Plan your trip & arrival
Travel options, pick-up service and arrival.
  • Social life
Integration, entertainment and cultural activities inside and outside campus

Student Life

Campus life

From the first day of the DNS it has been a place where people were living together, sharing their traditions, views and opinions. Due to this mix of cultures and nationalities, people were able to develop a unique and alternative place. The spirit can be easily felt until nowadays. People are living together and creating the alternative education together.

At DNS and Tvind in general, we cannot accept that the use of alcohol and drugs are related with social life and the acquirement of knowledge in a school setting. In Tvind, every single person is included and appreciated, and honest human relationships are valued and assured.


DNS – Det Nødvendige Seminarium, (The Necessary Teacher Training College) is a private teacher training college in Denmark which, together with One World University in Mozambique, offers a 3-year teacher training program ending with the degree, “Licentiate of Pedagogy” - equivalent to a Bachelor of Pedagogical Science.