Ctl Eurocollege

Limassol, Cyprus
The CTL EUROCOLLEGE is a private Institution of Tertiary Education registered with the Cyprus Ministry of Education and Culture.



Ctl Eurocollege has been in operation in the Higher Education Sector for over 22 years, providing educational services to both local and international students, who choose Cyprus as a base for their professional and academic development.


Ctl Eurocollege offers a variety of programmes in numerous areas at Certificate, Diploma, Graduate, and Postgraduate levels. The quality of its educational services is held in high regard by both local and international authorities.

All of our programmes are rigorously evaluated for quality on a regular basis so that they meet the students’ educational needs and enable them to deal with the challenges of contemporary education. These programmes are delivered by experienced professionals who use a variety of techniques to advance and enhance the quality of the modules offered to students.

Bachelor's programmes

Business & Management (4)
Computer Science & IT (1)
Hospitality, Leisure & Sports (1)


Student services

The Student Affairs Office offers students help, advice and guidance on a range of issues, from health issues to personal problems and matters of personal finance. It takes on the responsibilities of easing the students’ integration into their new academic and cultural environment, introducing them to unfamiliar aspects of local, culture. It also deals with extracurricular activities such as excursions, cultural trips, sports, student parties and other social events.

Housing services

The College offers its services to assist new international students in need of Accommodation. CTL has developed a network of available accommodation premises, which have been widely available for the population of CTL students over the years. Prices are affordable and the condition of the accommodation is reviewed and checked by the CTL Student Affairs Officer who is involved in the process of contacting Landlords, signing contracts and be available for assisting both parties of a house contract.

Student Life

Student clubs

The Students’ Association is wholly organized and run by the students of the college, and all of them are automatically members of the Association.

The Association’s activities aim at safeguarding the students’ interests, integrity, freedom of mind and speech. In collaboration with other College bodies, it participates in the organization of educational, cultural, scientific, technological, musical, athletic social and other functions including educational excursions, visits and parades beneficial to the college life, the students’ interest and maturity.


Accreditation is the approval for the inclusion of an institution or a programme of study in a list of accredited institutions or accredited programmes of study as a result of an enactment and formally recognises that, the institution or programme has met certain predetermined minimal criteria or standards.

Other Degrees