Kauno Kolegija/University of Applied Sciences

Kaunas, Lithuania
Kauno Kolegija/ University of Applied Sciences is a state owned institution providing higher education in the areas of technologies, social sciences, biomedicine, humanities and arts. It is one of the biggest institutions of higher education not only in Lithuania, but in the whole Baltic Region.



Kauno kolegija / University of Applied Sciences was established on 1 September 2000 after the binary higher education system consisting of two types of higher education provided by colleges and universities was introduced in Lithuania.


At present the university delivers about 50 programmes in the fields of biomedicine, technology, social sciences, humanities and art. All the degree programmes are designed with the goal to equip the learners with profound theoretical knowledge and to provide the maximum training of practical skills.


Fields of research

  • research into technological sciences (investigations into engineering sciences; food quality and safety; greenery and agro technologies; geodesy and application of IT);
  • research into biomedical sciences (investigations into the quality of life; health care and professional performance of social workers);
  • research into the field of law, management and administration;
  • research into education sciences (investigations into the competence of the academic staff; the development of study environment and modernization of the education system; creative education; as well as prognostic research into specialists demand and their integration in the labour market).


Today Kauno Kolegija / University of Applied Sciences is one of the largest professional higher education institutions in Lithuania, with a community of over 7 600 students, about 1000 employees and over 20000 graduates, who have successfully established their careers in Lithuanian and foreign companies.

Bachelor's programmes

Computer Science & IT (3)
Engineering & Technology (3)
Hospitality, Leisure & Sports (1)
Medicine & Health (1)


Student services

In order to integrate foreign students into the academic life of Kauno kolegija / University of Applied Sciences and generally in Kaunas city, the Mentoring programme has been developed. Students mentors act as best friends of foreign students and help them in everyday activities: finding services (hospitals, post offices, banks, hairdressers, etc) in the city, organizing excursions and evening events.

The Department of International Relations and the Students Delegation of institution (KKSA) are responsible for carrying out the Mentoring programme. Mentoring activities last from August till June or for the whole period of foreign students stay at Kauno kolegija / University of Applied Sciences.

Housing services

The students are accommodated in 4 dormitories.

Library services

The library consists of 2 departments and has more than 65 thousand publications in Lithuanian, English, German, Russian, French and other languages.

ICT services

  • You can have full access to computer facilities located in all faculties as well as Distance Learning Centre and Self-study centre (Pramones pr. 20, Floor 3).
  • WIRELESS internet zones are installed in different zones of our institution.
  • Please, contact the IT people or representatives of the International Department for the advice.

Student Life

Campus life

In the period 2009 2013 the university invested over LTL 30 million for the improvement of higher education quality and renovation or new construction of the campus facilities. The improvement works were funded from the European Union Structural funds and co-financed by the university.

Since 2004 Kauno kolegija / University of Applied Sciences promoted and implemented 24 projects funded through the European Union Structural Funds and acted as a partner in twelve more projects. More than 70 labs and workshops are there.

The learners are positive about the modernization of studies: 75 percent of survey participants noted that studies at the university had met or even exceeded their expectations.

Sports facilities

Kauno kolegija / University of Applied Sciences has its own Sport Centre with athletic halls, fields and a swimming pool. Working hours vary in the Sport Centre, so, please, contact your faculty coordinator for more information regarding attendance.

The men basketball team of our institution is a member of Lithuanian Student Basketball League. The team maintains ties of friendship with basketball players from other Lithuanian universities and colleges. One of the most popular annual events the traditional basketball tournament The Directors Cup- is organized at the institution every year.

Student clubs

The Student Association of KAUNO KOLEGIJA / University af Applied Sciences (KKSA) represents the community of all students of KAUNO KOLEGIJA / University af Applied Sciences. This is an association of friendly, creative, inventive and enthusiastic students.

The main purpose of the Association is representation of students interests and mediation between teachers and students. The Student Association is young and ambitious students, therefore the activities of KKSA are continually renewed by involvement of new members.


The study programmes are accredited by the Centre for Quality Assessment in Higher Education at national level and/or internationally.