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Fontys Academy for Creative Industries

Fontys provides education and research. As a broad-based university, we are the largest public knowledge institute in the southern Netherlands. Fontys wants to be an innovation engine by linking its education and research to innovation processes within and outside the regions. Fontys has a large impact due to its education and research in almost all sectors of society.

Bachelor's programmes

Applied Sciences & Professions (1)



We deliver this added value by linking talent development to change in societal sectors and fields of work. Our function as an open knowledge institute is to provide the form by linking education and research to current societal issues. This is how we contribute to innovation in the field of work, the professional context and social sectors. We form the regional, national and international agendas in cooperation with our social partners. We are proactive and future-oriented so that we can have the necessary impact on society, today and in the future.


The research conducted at Fontys is practice-based and innovative. It targets the renewal and improvement of the professional practice for which education is provided and is elaborated upon in close consultation with professional practice, preferably within regional knowledge networks. Research contributes directly to curriculum innovation. The interaction between education and research contributes to keeping our teaching staff right at the forefront of developments in their subject areas.


You can contact the study career choice advisors for any questions relating to your choice of study if:

  • You need assistance in making a study choice
  • You are concerned that you are in the wrong study programme
  • Your study programme insufficiently matches your interests
  • You are recommended by your study programme to discontinue your studies


Student services

The Fontys Student Facilities Department supports, assists and supervises students beyond their actual course programmes and all in a customer-friendly, independent manner, on behalf of the entire Fontys organisation. The Student Facilities Department provides advice and support in relation to financial matters, course-related matters, practical matters and student associations. It performs a supervisory role during your course programme and provides information regarding events related to the study process. 

Housing services

The best way to experience the “real” campus life is living on-site around the campus. Venlo offers an extensive range of student housing which is adapted to the wants and needs of students. In the last years, housing opportunities for students were constantly extended in order to create new and affordable living space. This resulted, for instance, in two new student dormitories located at walking distance from Fontys International Campus Venlo.

Library services

Fontys in Eindhoven has several facilities in place that will enable you to gather information regarding your specific field of studies. This can be achieved in several different ways at the ‘mediatheek’ (Media Library). The Media Library is a learning facility where you can consult and/or borrow a wide range of information sources and materials (such as books, reports, videos and CD-ROM’s). 

ICT services

Students may make use of photocopiers in every building as well as in the Media Library. All computers at Fontys are also connected to printers and you may need to print out your computer work on a regular basis. To make photocopies or printouts, you will need your Student Card, which must have enough credit available. 

Medical services

Everyone in the Netherlands must have insurance cover for medical expenses. The type of health insurance that you will need will depend on your personal situation.

In the Netherlands, the ‘huisarts’ (doctor, general practitioner, GP) provides full medical assistance in accordance with the standards designated for the practice of medicine by medical professionals in the Netherlands. 

Student Life

Campus life

Our international English-taught bachelor- and master programmes are conducted at our campuses located in Eindhoven, Tilburg and Venlo. All campuses are equipped with excellent computer facilities, libraries and student restaurants. Wireless Internet is available throughout the campuses, enabling you to bring your laptop to Fontys and to work, study, search for information and check your e-mail wherever you happen to be at Fontys.

Student clubs

There are numerous studying and student organisations that may appeal to you during your time at Fontys. Please make enquiries at your Course Department, or ask other students for more information. Some of the student organisations are actually more like social clubs, whereas others place more emphasis on culture and/or studying. Please note that not all of these associations are necessarily linked to Fontys.


Fontys University of Applied Sciences is recognised and partly funded by the Dutch authorities. All Fontys degree programmes are accredited by the Dutch-Flemish Accreditation Organisation (NVAO) or equivalent British accreditation bodies. The value of the degrees Fontys awards is guaranteed. Fontys University of Applied Sciences has signed the “Code of Conduct International Students in Higher Education“.