Erasmus University College is the international undergraduate Liberal Arts & Sciences college of Erasmus University Rotterdam, a prominent international research university that remains young at heart, even though it is over a hundred years old.

Top reasons to study here

  • EUC education aims to help students develop into critical world citizens.
  • We provide students with a broad educational basis in connection with a large skill set that enables them to tackle a variety of situations.
  • EUC is a hub of the Erasmus University where scientists from all disciplines interact, which leads to engaged out-of-the box education and research.



Erasmus University dates back to 1913 as an institute well known for its leading economists. Exactly 100 years after its start, Erasmus University College has become part of the university’s already impressive portfolio. With such a remarkable institution as our foundation, we are able to offer our students the best facilities and curriculum possible.


The educational philosophy of liberal education is at the basis of the teaching/learning approach and the curriculum of EUC. Education at EUC goes beyond the traditional liberal arts approach of ‘liberating’ the individual through intellectual engagement. By combining disciplinary depth and interdisciplinary learning with research and communication skills, students develop critical thinking, academic creativity, social abilities, entrepreneurialism, international and intercultural awareness and societal engagement.


Erasmus University College is the international undergraduate honour's programme of Erasmus University Rotterdam. EUC offers a three year programme (BSc) in Liberal Arts and Sciences. Think of the programme as breadth plus depth, where you will be challenged to explore many areas of academia to build perspective and connections between disciplines. You will be drilled in the academic skills to put your knowledge to work. 

Ultimately, you specialise in an area, by selecting a 'Major' in one of our four departments that will prepare you for a master programme or career path in one of 1,000 directions. EUC's four departments are: Economics & Business, Humanities, Life Sciences, and Social & Behavioural Sciences.


Student services

At Erasmus University College we recognize that the transition to university can sometimes prove challenging on a personal level. It is for this reason that we have an elaborate support network in place, consisting of student counsellors, a student life officer and binding study advice in your first year, so that you will be able to tackle any possible issues, and receive appropriate support when you need it.

Click on the following links to learn more about the role of the:

    • Student Counsellor
    • Student Life Officer
    • Binding Study Advice

Housing services

Erasmus University College (EUC) requires its students to live on our city campus during their first year of studies. Living together with your fellow students provides an excellent opportunity to get to know each other well and to build solid friendships. 

Considering studying at EUC requires a lot of group-work, living together also makes it easier to plan these group meetings and generally enhances the overall academic community, which is essential to our philosophy of what makes a great university college. Additionally, living on campus has the benefit of allowing you to immediately focus on your studies considering your housing is already arranged for you.

Library services

The creation and dissemination of knowledge are at the heart of the University’s activities. The University Library helps researchers and students to excel in these pursuits and to share their results with society. This ensures that EUR’s expertise in the fields of Welfare, Health, Governance and Culture is available to all.

Medical services

Depending on your income you might be eligible for a compensation to help you cover the costs of your Dutch public health insurance. This compensation is called ‘Zorgtoeslag’ in Dutch (healthcare allowance or benefit),

Student Life

Campus life

In the city centre of Rotterdam, nestled between the market area, the charming Pannekoekstraat, the dazzlingly beautiful Markthal and the bustling shopping area the Meent, sits a dignified city monument on the Nieuwemarkt square, housing Erasmus University College.

The immediate surroundings of Erasmus University College are brimming with a vibrant mix of both the hip and happening, as well as the more traditional little pop and mom venues. Together these create a nice buzz in the area, with plenty to choose from quirky shops to interesting but affordable restaurants and cafés.

Sports facilities

The Erasmus Sports CentreOpens external, located on campus, offers over 50 sports, available on all levels. The Center organizes sport events, tournaments, and internal competitions, personal training and body fit courses run by certified trainers. The Sport Center is open 7 days per week. 

Student clubs

As a student at Erasmus University College you will become a member of the Erasmus University College Student Association (EUCSA). This all-inclusive student association acts as an umbrella organization for a wide range of student run committees, which together offer a great variety of activities and events for their members.

Besides partaking in all that is on offer, you will also have the opportunity to join or start a committee yourself. A great way of having fun and providing yourself with some well-appreciated experience in organizing and leading. The Student Association is still young, and many new committees will be created in the years to come.


We are very pleased to inform you that all initial programmes of Erasmus School of Economics have been reaccredited by the Accreditation Organisation of the Netherlands and Flanders (NVAO).