Top 3 reasons to study here

  • Our faculty are not just academics, with academic credentials, we are global business people from many parts of the world.
  • We offer annual opportunities for students to complete part of their degree while traveling to different parts of the world through a Travel Study program.
  • Students are regularly introduced to senior executives and business owners through guest lecturers or by being mentored by a senior manager at a local firm.



In 2000, the School of Business became the first professional School at TWU.

The mission statement for the School is to "to develop positive, goal oriented Christian business leaders; persons who thoroughly understand biblical stewardship and who apply their knowledge, skill and values to impact the marketplace in dynamic and positive ways."


The leading program we offer is the bachelor of business administration (BBA). Within the BBA degree choose from six specializations: accounting; finance; marketing; human resource management; international business; and leadership and management.

For greater flexibility, we also offer a bachelor of arts with a major in business administration (BA), a bachelor of arts in sport and leisure management (BA), a joint degree between the School of Business and the School of Human Kinetics, and a bachelor of arts in corporate communications (BA), a joint degree between the School of Business and School of the Arts, Media and Culture.

Also we offer a MBA program.

Bachelor's programmes

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Student Life

Student clubs

The Student Business Association (SBA) conducts social and educational events throughout the year. Guest speakers, movie nights, and Excel tutorials are just a few of the highlights. The SBA is constantly seeking to add value for every business student, helping to connect them not just to the school, but to professors, each other, and the outside world through networking opportunities.

Other Degrees

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