Triatma Mulya Stenden

Triatma Mulya Stenden aims to develop young professionals to become authentic leaders and problem solvers, prepared to take part in multicultural environments and fast changing market places. Personal guidance and a strong focus on practical learning play an important part during your study at Stenden.

Top reasons to study here

  • Study in Bali, Indonesia's no. 1 Tourist Destination.
  • Personal coaching and Career Development.
  • High Quality Practical Learning Environment.

Bachelor's programmes

Hospitality, Leisure & Sports (1)



Triatma Mulya Stenden located in Bali was established in 2009 and is part of NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences, a Dutch public institution with more than 100 years of experience in education, which has developed into a global university with more than 11,000 students with more than 100 different nationalities across its campuses in Bali, the Netherlands, South Africa, Qatar and Thailand.


Our global network gives you many opportunities to study parts of the programme abroad to expand your horizon. At Triatma Mulya Stenden all subjects are taught in English by lecturers from different parts of the world. Our students represent a mix of nationalities, creating a truly multicultural study environment.


Education and research are closely intertwined at NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences, with students, lecturers and Professors of Applied Sciences working with businesses and NGOs to find solutions to various social issues. As a student, you will develop the kind of critical and inquisitive attitude you will require throughout your professional life.


During your study period you will be appointed a personal coach who will guide you throughout the programme. This coach helps you to make the right choices (specialization, internship etc.) and assists you in your personal and career development.

  • 97% of our students find a job within 4 months after graduation


Student services

Students from other Stenden campus sites can take elective courses in the Triatma Mulya Stenden campus in Bali through our Grand Tour programme. Your Grand Tour experience will be guided and supported by the Student Mobility Centre, who will arrange everything for you from visa to housing.

Housing services

Bali offers all types of accommodation, ranging from budget, middle until luxurious hotel rooms and resorts, ready to cater the needs of various tourist markets.

Student Life

Campus life

Being based in Bali not only gives you the opportunity to study in one of the most popular tourist destinations around the world, but it also offers an inspiring environment, with its stunning nature and unique Hindu religion. On top of this, Bali is considered to be one of the most welcoming places that you will experience and is a relatively safe and affordable place to live.


The campus offers facilities like:

  • Auditorium;
  • Lecture rooms;
  • Meeting room (PBL rooms);
  • Computer lab;
  • Library (and digital library);
  • Wine tasting lab;
  • Outside lounge area;
  • Canteen;
  • Praying room.

Student clubs

While studying at Stenden, why not expand your experience and develop your skills by joining our extra-curricular activities? Become a member of the Student Representative Council and develop your organisational and leadership skills and organize all sorts of activities for your fellow students (parties, futsal, excursions etc.).

Or, if you fancy taking part in marketing and communication, why not join the Stenden Promotion Team that assists the Marketing Department in promoting Stenden through fairs and events.


All Triatma Mulya Stenden programs culminating in professional Bachelors or Masters degrees are accredited by the NVAO (Netherlands Flemish Accreditation Organization) and formally registered with the Centraal Register Hoger Onderwijs (CROHO). The register is public and can be consulted by anyone.