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Studying Modern History

Modern history studies international political economy, the history of cultural identity and cooperation and integration between countries. It studies the period starting from the Renaissance, and the changes that took place around the world until the twentieth century. Graduates usually become museum curators, archivists or journalists.

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Studying in Italy

Italy is a highly-developed country with the 7th-highest GDP and the 17th-highest Human Development Index rating in the world. It is a member of the G8 and a founding member of what is now the European Union (having signed the Treaty of Rome in 1957), of the Council of Europe and of the Western European Union.

3 Modern History Bachelor's degrees in Italy

B.A. Humanistic Studies

The Bachelor of Arts in Humanistic Studies at John Cabot University offers a wide range of choices in the Humanities to students who wish to pursue a focused program of study that encourages inquiry into the human condition beyond the confines of a single discipline.

History and Humanities
B.A. History

The Bachelor of Arts in History offered at John Cabot University is designed to provide the intellectual breadth and the analytical skills that allow students to make meaningful connections between the past and the present.

History and Humanities
B.A. Classical Studies

Students majoring in Classical Studies offered at John Cabot University have the exceptional opportunity to complement their study of classical language and written sources with on-site, first-hand experience of ancient art and material culture in Rome and throughout Italy.

History and Humanities