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Language studies aim at preparing students to build a deep understanding of a culture based on its individual language and literature, using the spoken and written forms of expression. Gaining in-depth knowledge of a foreign language helps students understand and value cultural diversity, helps build connections between societies, and makes the world a smaller, more open place to live in.

Courses explore a wide range of fields including: literature, film, critical theory, philosophy, linguistics, politics and ethics, etc. Students who want to learn a foreign language may find short-courses, summer courses as well as advanced undergraduate and postgraduate language programmes. They may choose to study a popular international language such as English, French, German or Spanish, to use in international professional contexts. Alternatively, they may learn a less-known foreign language, or an old language gaining a good entry into a specialised field of work such as translations, interpreting, business or archaeology. Examples include Chinese, Arabic, Latin, Sanskrit or ancient Greek. Students of languages are able to speak, write, listen and read in one or more foreign languages at an advanced level. Speaking and learning a foreign language enhances creativity, memory and problem-solving skills.

Languages graduates can find jobs in many areas working as: translators, teachers, linguists, international relations consultant, historians, research and more.

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Suggested Bachelors in Languages

B.A. English

Expand your reading, writing, and critical thinking skills and open the door to career opportunities with an English degree from Park University.

United States
Bachelor Chinese

Currently, Valparaiso University offers Beginner and Intermediate Chinese program, with Third and Fourth-Year Chinese being offered as enrollment demands. In affiliation with the International Studies Department, we offer undergraduate and graduate-level courses in Chinese language, literature, culture, and film. 

United States
B.A. Spanish

The Spanish program at the University of Kentucky aims to develop students’ Spanish language skills, to deepen their understanding of Spanish-speaking cultures and literatures domestically and abroad, to sharpen their critical thinking, and heighten their awareness of their role as local and global citizens in a pluralistic society. 

United States

Top Ranked Universities in Languages on BachelorsPortal

Universities Location QS Rankings (2018) English Language & Literature
Oxford, United Kingdom 1
Cambridge, United Kingdom 2
Cambridge, United States 3
Berkeley, United States 4
New Haven, United States 5
Stanford, United States 6
Chicago, United States 7
Princeton, United States 8
New York City, United States 9
Los Angeles, United States 9
Edinburgh, United Kingdom 11
Toronto, Canada 12
New York City, United States 13
London, United Kingdom 14
Singapore, Singapore 15
Durham, United States 16
Coventry, United Kingdom 16
Sydney, Australia 18
Ithaca, United States 19
Ann Arbor, United States 20
Melbourne, Australia 21
Philadelphia, United States 22
Vancouver, Canada 23
York, United Kingdom 24
London, United Kingdom 25
Manchester, United Kingdom 26
Canberra, Australia 27
Hong Kong, Hong Kong (SAR) 27
Cambridge, United States 29
Auckland, New Zealand 29
Montréal, Canada 31
London, United Kingdom 32
Austin, United States 33
Beijing, China 34
Durham, United Kingdom 35
Providence, United States 36
Baltimore, United States 37
Tokyo, Japan 37
Charlottesville, United States 39
Leeds, United Kingdom 40
Birmingham, United Kingdom 41
Melbourne, Australia 42
Madison, United States 42
Bristol, United Kingdom 44
Dublin, Ireland 45
Amsterdam, Netherlands 46
Exeter, United Kingdom 47
Glasgow, United Kingdom 48
Sydney, Australia 49
Nottingham, United Kingdom 49
Aarhus, Denmark 101
Prague, Czech Republic 101
Cyber Hankuk University of Foreign Studies Seoul, South Korea 101
Gent, Belgium 101
Lund, Sweden 101
Kaohsiung City, Taiwan 101
Galway, Ireland 101
Santiago, Chile 101
West Lafayette, United States 101
Kingston, Canada 101
London, United Kingdom 101
Roma, Italy 101
Burnaby, Canada 101
Stockholm, Sweden 101
Seoul, South Korea 101
New York City, United States 101
Madrid, Spain 101
George Town, Malaysia 101
Cork, Ireland 101
Aberdeen, United Kingdom 101
Adelaide, Australia 101
Christchurch, New Zealand 101
Boulder, United States 101
Copenhagen, Denmark 101
Norwich, United Kingdom 101
Groningen, Netherlands 101
Heidelberg, Germany 101
Canterbury, United Kingdom 101
Liverpool, United Kingdom 101
Amherst Center, United States 101
Montréal, Canada 101
South Bend, United States 101
Oslo, Norway 101
Dunedin, New Zealand 101
Reading, United Kingdom 101
Southampton, United Kingdom 101
Los Angeles, United States 101
Johannesburg, South Africa 101
Tübingen, Germany 101
Victoria, Canada 101
Vienna, Austria 101
London, Canada 101
Zürich (Kreis 1), Switzerland 101
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 101
Utrecht, Netherlands 101
Nashville, United States 101
Tokyo, Japan 101
Seoul, South Korea 101
Toronto, Canada 101
Barcelona, Spain 151
Beijing, China 151
Newton, United States 151
Pasadena, United States 151
Pittsburgh, United States 151
Montreal West, Canada 151
Halifax, Canada 151
Hanover, United States 151
Manila, Philippines 151
Adelaide, Australia 151
Manhattan, United States 151
Shanghai, China 151
Washington, D. C., United States 151
Southport, Australia 151
Tokyo, Japan 151
Maynooth, Ireland 151
Hamilton, Canada 151
East Lansing, United States 151
Nanjing, China 151
Oxford, United Kingdom 151
Paris, France 151
Shanghai, China 151
Sogang University Seoul, South Korea 151
Milano, Italy 151
Buffalo, United States 151
Tucson, United States 151
Barcelona, Spain 151
Bern, Switzerland 151
Calgary, Canada 151
Santa Cruz, United States 151
Santiago, Chile 151
Colchester, United Kingdom 151
Gainesville, United States 151
Genève, Switzerland 151
Granada, Spain 151
Lausanne, Switzerland 151
Limerick, Ireland 151
Newcastle, Australia 151
Eugene, United States 151
Ottawa, Canada 151
Pittsburgh, United States 151
Salamanca, Spain 151
Bagong Pagasa, Philippines 151
Wollongong, Australia 151
Amsterdam, Netherlands 151
Saint Louis, United States 151
Hangzhou, China 151
Thessaloníki, Greece 201
Tempe Junction, United States 201
Birmingham, United Kingdom 201
Alcobendas, Spain 201
Beijing Foreign Studies University Beijing, China 201
Provo, United States 201
Dublin, Ireland 201
Shanghai, China 201
Tallahassee, United States 201
Göttingen, Germany 201
Fairfax, United States 201
Seoul, South Korea 201
Hong Kong, Hong Kong (SAR) 201
Kraków, Poland 201
Mainz, Germany 201
Gießen, Germany 201
Seoul, South Korea 201
Hong Kong, Hong Kong (SAR) 201
Mexico City, Mexico 201
Taipei, Taiwan 201
Milton Keynes, United Kingdom 201
Athens, United States 201
Nijmegen, Netherlands 201
Grahamstown, South Africa 201
Houston, United States 201
Stellenbosch, South Africa 201
Syracuse, United States 201
Jerusalem, Israel 201
Kowloon, Hong Kong (SAR) 201
Iowa City, United States 201
Hamilton, New Zealand 201
Münster, Germany 201
Alcalá de Henares, Spain 201
Antwerpen, Belgium 201
Bergen, Norway 201
Buenos Aires, Argentina 201
Riverside, United States 201
Storrs, United States 201
Honolulu, United States 201
Konstanz, Germany 201
Leicester, United Kingdom 201
Leipzig, Germany 201
Lisbon, Portugal 201
Boston, United States 201
São Paulo, Brazil 201
Warsaw, Poland 201
Waterloo, Canada 201
London, United Kingdom 201
Zaragoza, Spain 201
Sydney, Australia 201
Binghamton, United States 251
Waltham, United States 251
Williamsburg, United States 251
Budapest, Hungary 251
Florianópolis, Brazil 251
Jena, Germany 251
Graz, Austria 251
Kazan, Russia 251
London Borough of Sutton, United Kingdom 251
Melbourne, Australia 251
Ottawa, Canada 251
Raleigh, United States 251
Boston, United States 251
Toronto, Canada 251
Stony Brook, United States 251
Tel Aviv Yaffo, Israel 251
Athens, United States 251
Medford, United States 251
Cluj-Napoca, Romania 251
Bonn, Germany 251
Bucharest, Romania 251
Canberra, Australia 251
Coimbra, Portugal 251
Köln, Germany 251
Newark, United States 251
Haifa, Israel 251
Huddersfield, United Kingdom 251
Lawrence, United States 251
Lexington, United States 251
Ljubljana, Slovenia 251
Lódz, Poland 251
Winnipeg, Canada 251
Norman, United States 251
Pisa, Italy 251
Potsdam, Germany 251
Pretoria, South Africa 251
Sevilla, Spain 251
Columbia, United States 251
Stirling, United Kingdom 251
Stuttgart, Germany 251
Guildford, United Kingdom 251
University of Tampere Tampere, Finland 251
Tartu, Estonia 251
Knoxville, United States 251
Turin, Italy 251
Nanterre, France 251
Brussels, Belgium 251
London, United Kingdom 51
Boston, United States 51
Cardiff, United Kingdom 51
Kowloon, Hong Kong (SAR) 51
Atlanta, United States 51
Berlin Steglitz, Germany 51
Washington, D. C., United States 51
London, United Kingdom 51
Mitte, Germany 51
Bloomington, United States 51
Seoul, South Korea 51
Leuven, Belgium 51
Lancaster, United Kingdom 51
Leiden, Netherlands 51
Moscow, Russia 51
Sydney, Australia 51
Singapore, Singapore 51
Taipei, Taiwan 51
Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom 51
Evanston, United States 51
Columbus, United States 51
University Park, United States 51
Belfast, United Kingdom 51
New Brunswick, United States 51
Seoul, South Korea 51
Hong Kong, Hong Kong (SAR) 51
Perth, Australia 51
Dublin, Ireland 51
Beijing, China 51
Paris, France 51
Kampung Baru Subang, Malaysia 51
Edmonton, Canada 51
Davis, United States 51
Irvine, United States 51
San Diego, United States 51
Santa Barbara, United States 51
Cape Town, South Africa 51
Freiburg, Germany 51
Helsinki, Finland 51
Urbana, United States 51
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 51
College Park, United States 51
Minneapolis, United States 51
Chapel Hill, United States 51
Brisbane, Australia 51
Sheffield, United Kingdom 51
St Andrews, United Kingdom 51
Brighton, United Kingdom 51
Seattle, United States 51
Uppsala, Sweden 51
Wellington, New Zealand 51