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We need Journalism & Media: from the latest gossip column, to the things that really matter, we need people who can look at a situation objectively and have a realisation moment; when they can declare “I seriously doubt that” and “Hold these leaders accountable to the truth!”.

On a basic level, Journalism & Media encompass the subdisciplines that focus on how the public gains access to information. Be it through Journalism, Media Management, Public Relations, Translation & Interpreting, the Bachelor’s or Master’s students of this subject must measure words and understand their impact perfectly.

Some of the specialisations in Journalism & Media include:

• Broadcast Journalism
• Digital Journalism
• Enterprise Journalism
• Political Journalism (this sounds fun, in today’s day and age)
• Journalism Design and Graphics
• Science and Environmental Journalism
• Public Relations and Advertising

Programmes deliver essential skills for working in media organisations, such as excellent written and spoken communication skills, critical thinking, an ethical and responsible attitude.

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Suggested Bachelors in Journalism & Media

B.A. Digital Audio Recording Arts

The University of St Francis' Digital Audio Recording Arts student will be a musically competent perceptive professional, with the technical knowledge to excel in todays digitally based music production industry. They will acquire the knowledge, principles and practices of engineering methodology and music production. 

United States
B.A. Media Design

The demands faced by designers are complex and at the same time fascinating, since the variety of media and the high volume of information require not only a steady stream of new ideas and creativity, but also clear conceptual thinking and process-led working methods. The Media Design program is offered by the Macromedia University of Applied Sciences. 

Bachelor Media

The Media program offered by the University of Tasmania is a progressive, internationally recognised degree that prepares you for a career in the creative, media and information industries. 

B.A. Journalism (with the option of Sport)

The Journalism (with the option of Sport) programme is offered at University of the West of Scotland. The UWS Journalism course prepares you intellectually and practically for success in the modern multi-platform world of journalism – with the opportunity to specialise in news, sport or pursue a broader journalism curriculum.

United Kingdom

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