What is a Bachelor in IT Security?

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IT Security is one of the most sought-after subjects due to the constant development of new technologies and the increasing number of cyber threats. It is the perfect field to study if you want to become the next Eugene Kaspersky and create software that protects the integrity and confidentiality of people's sensitive information.

There are many types of IT Security (Network, Internet, Endpoint, Cloud, etc.) and they all focus on the same objective: developing strategies and tools which prevent malware and hackers from gaining unauthorised access to computer systems.

By studying an IT Security degree, you will learn how systems and networks work, what are the most common ways they get infected, prevention and protection methods, and how to teach people essential security steps.

After graduating from a Bachelor’s or Master’s in IT Security, you can work as an information security analyst, lead software security engineer, chief information security officer (CISCO), security architect and other technical positions.

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