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American studies presents the historical, economic, political, and cultural impact of the United States on other nations and people throughout the world. The field also concentrates on the cultural diversity and ways in which American culture has influenced thinking, behaviour and culture outside the U.S. American studies incorporates knowledge from history, sociology, law, gender studies and film and theatre studies.

Courses of American studies offer knowledge on American cultural studies, American literature, American history, political institutions, American democracy, American movie industry, significance of American slavery, Civil Rights Movement, American consumer culture, and more. Some programmes also include information about different types of American communities such as Indian American, African American, Asian American, and more.

The American studies discipline equips students with a broad range of skills like the ability to analyse, compare and interpret socio-cultural concepts, as well as apply theory to practical examples. Students are prepared to analyse linguistic structures and communication situations, texts and literary works.

Graduates may find jobs like: teachers, documentarists, research assistants, cultural programs coordinators, translators.

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Suggested Bachelors in American Studies

B.A. American Studies

The track American Studies from Radboud University offers you the possibility of immersing yourself in the culture, literature, history, politics and media of the United States. This programme allows you to gain an in-depth understanding of one of today's most influential countries in the world.

Preparation Course American History

The American History pathway program is designed to support international students in the first year of an undergraduate degree.

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B.A. American Studies

American Studies is the study of a variety of American subjects, including communications, history, literature, museum studies, political science and religion. The American Studies program is offered by Baylor University.

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