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What is a Bachelor in Informatics & Information Technology?

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Informatics and Information Sciences are a group of disciplines that study the processes, tools, and systems used to collect, store, organise and transfer information. Informatics and Information Sciences explore the properties of recorded knowledge and data. With their insights, we can develop information systems that are user friendly and provide easy access to any type of data.

Informatics and Information Sciences are interdisciplinary and overlap with other areas, such as Computer Science, Engineering, Library Science, Psychology, Cognitive Science, and Linguistics.

Informatics and Information Sciences seek to answer questions like: Which elements have the biggest impact on the flow of information? How to store and organise information in a way that is logical, easily understood, and accessible to most people? How to prevent data loss, corruption, and unauthorised manipulation?

A typical Informatics or Information Science degree includes subjects like Quantitative Analysis, IT Audit, Data Structures, Discrete Mathematics, Algorithms, Database Design, Network Security, Business Ethics, Hardware and Operating Systems, Digital Forensics, Software Modelling, etc.

Career opportunities for Information Sciences graduates cover a wide range of options: archivists, systems developers, programmers, system designers, web designers, web developers, information architects, business analysts, database administrators, product managers, web content managers.

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