English-taught Bachelors in Computer Science to Study in Germany in 2021

Studying for a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science in Germany should be an easy choice given the IT-related studies are some of the most popular in the world and that Germany is one of the top destinations for international students.

But why choose Germany over so many other welcoming countries? What can you expect from education in Germany, and which are the best Bachelors in Computer Science to consider applying for in the country? 

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We’ll try to answer all these questions below:

Why study Computer Science in Germany?

Affordable and tuition-free degrees

Most public universities in Germany are tuition-free for Bachelor’s level international students, regardless if they come from inside or outside the EU. This means you can study a very lucrative discipline at no cost.

You’ll only have to worry about a modest annual tax, your living costs, food and study materials. Private universities in Germany do however charge tuition fees, so make sure you do thorough research before applying.

  • Bachelors in Computer Science at public universities – 100-350 EUR semester tax
  • Bachelors in Computer Science at private universities – 8,000 EUR/year average tuition fees

Read more about tuition fees and living costs for students in Germany.

Germany is a highly digitalized country

Germany is well known for its commitment to being at the forefront of engineering and technology. As such, Germany has fully embraced digitalization and universities in the country have ramped up they course offer to be able to answer the growing demand for IT specialists. Out of all EU countries, Germany is one of the most developed when it comes to business digitization and digital public services.

Lots of German companies looking for fresh graduates

You won’t have a problem finding companies looking for developers. But most are looking for juniors with at least 2 years of professional experience. While you could technically work without having a diploma in Computer Science if you can prove your skills, if you don’t have previous work experience, you’ll have better chances with a graduated degree.

The country does have an internship culture, and universities even have work experience included in curriculums. The IT job market in Germany features many offers especially for Java, JavaScript and Mobile devs.

Friendly, inclusive country

Lots of internationals live and work in Germany, whether coming from within or outside the EU. Most of them come from Turkey, Poland and Syria.

In almost all German cities, there are cultural associations for people from other countries and regular informal gatherings. Germany is known as a cosmopolitan and tolerant country, pushing legislation that supports equal rights and protects individual freedoms.

Strong economy

Germany’s economy is the largest in Europe and the fourth largest in the world, with the general international consensus being that things made in Germany are generally better quality and more reliable.

Germany makes a point out of maintaining good trade relations with the rest of the world and relies a lot on an international, multicultural work environment. A strong economy means a stable job market, competitive salaries and overall job security.

Bachelors in Computer Science in Germany

Top Computer Science Bachelors in Germany

While there are many Bachelors in Computer Science to study in Germany, here are a few of the degrees we recommend you check out - all taught in English:

Check out the best universities for studying Computer Science in Europe.

Computer Science Bachelors specializations in Germany

You can find both B.A. and B.Sc. degrees connected to Computer Science at German universities. Usually, B.A.s are more related to Digital Business, UX Design and Animation, while the technical side of Computer Science are offered as 3-year or 4-year B.Sc. degrees. Most Computer Science undergraduate courses are offered full-time on campus, but there are some part-time and online study options available as well.

The main specializations for Computer Science Bachelors in Germany include, in addition to good old fashion coding, topics such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Business Information Systems, Big Data, Informatics, Video Game Development, as well as Web and Cloud Computing.

Cheapest Bachelors in Computer Science from Germany

As mentioned before, many universities in Germany offer tuition-free programmes to international students. However, there aren't that many free English-taught Bachelors in IT and Computer Science in Germany. But we managed to gather a few you might want to consider, from these universities:

Teaching and curriculum

For most Bachelors in Computer Science in Germany attendance is not mandatory.  Classes rely a lot on theory and teaching you how to approach problems while coding mostly happens in laboratory work and on your own. Professors are dedicated to helping you with every problem you encounter and their job is not to hold you accountable if you don’t study.

Exams don’t have a fixed syllabus and you have access to all the materials you want during the exam. Teachers will not give you easy exercises for passing grades and you need to dedicate enough time to learning.

Your course curriculum will vary depending on the focus of the degree you choose, but you are likely to study most of the following topics during your Bachelor’s:

  • Database Modelling and Database Systems
  • Computer Networks and Distributed Systems
  • Algorithms, Data Structures, and Programming Languages
  • IT-Service Management
  • Computer Architecture & OS
  • Computer Networks & IP
  • Usability Engineering
  • Embedded Systems & IoT
  • Game design principles and tools
  • Processing and using large amounts of data
  • Writing professional clean code software
  • Integrating Artificial Intelligence techniques in software development
  • Agile methodology and the principles of project management
  • Mobile app development

Teaching language

There are plenty of English taught Computer Science Bachelors available in Germany. There are however also programmes that are taught in both languages, so you should make sure you either have the required German level or that the programme is taught fully in English.

Find Bachelors in Computer Science in Germany

Speaking German fluently will definitely be an advantage in your future careers in Germany, as many companies simply require it. However, you can still easily find a job in English only, especially in start-ups or in big corporations.

Nevertheless, if you have the time and possibility - start learning German. Even if you speak it on a basic level (A2/B1), it will vastly increase your chances to get hired in Germany.

General Programme requirements

Application requirements for Computer Science degrees in Germany vary depending on the university offering them, but most programmes include these requirements:

  • Secondary school diploma and transcripts
  • Motivation letter
  • IELTS score of 5.5 to 6.5, or equivalent
  • CV
  • Additional supporting documents

Some programmes may require German level B1. The application process may also include an application interview.

You will submit your application documents online either using an application platform of the German government or through the university’s platform.

Programmes in Germany generally start at the end of September or in October.

With rich job perspectives and top-tier university education in a great international destination, studying for a Bachelor’s in Computer Science in Germany should be an easy choice. We hope you’ll find the right programme that fits your education needs in Germany or elsewhere.

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