The Global Study Awards: Apply to a Student Scholarship Without an Essay in 2019

Studying abroad is all fun and games, until the moment you have to pay the tuition fee. So, as a resourceful international student, you have a few options to consider: a) rob a bank, or b) apply for a scholarship.

And, seeing how robbing a bank isn’t as easy as it once was, scholarships are the best way to go!

Luckily for you, Studyportals has the perfect scholarship for the international students all around the world.

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1. What makes the Global Study Awards so special

Out of all the scholarships that float around the world, the Global Study Awards is the perfect one for you. Why can I say this, without even knowing who is reading? Easy!

As an international student who wants to study in any country around the world, besides the one you’re coming from, then you automatically qualify for this scholarship.

And, with a prize of 10.000 GDP, that will cover your tuition fee and / or your living costs, what more can you want?

Probably this: your GPA and grades won’t matter!

I know, it’s a wonderful thought!

Because this scholarship, made by British Council IELTS, ISIC, and Studyportals, wants to promote abroad studying and international mobility, grades won’t be a factor. We simply want to see you committed to traveling, studying, and expanding your horizons, not having to worry your grades are subpar.

2. What do I need to do to apply?

So, after you decided on the university and programme you wish to study, then it’s all smooth sailing to apply for the Global Study Awards. Just check out the deadline and rejoice. Since it’s an annual grant, you always have a great shot at participating in it.

The main points you will have to fulfill are:

  • Be accepted by a university (not necessarily enrolled already)
  • Have an ISIC card (the Youth or Student version)
  • Have taken an IELTS English test (even if you’re a native English-speaker)
  • Submitted a review of your former university (if you’re a Master’s or a Ph.D. applicant)

If you’re applying for a Bachelor’s degree, fear not: you won’t be asked to review your high school. Your application form will simply not have the “did you review” question on it.

Once you select the type of degree, the discipline you’re interested in, and the country in which you plan to study, just proceed to the form mentioned above, and then Puf! you’re done. No essays, no fuss, no muss.

Of course, if you have other questions on the Global Study Awards, don’t be afraid of looking for the answers on our website.

If you pass this initial stage, you will be contacted for an interview, and then, 3 months after the application deadline, the winner will be announced and celebrated.

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3. How you can spend the Global Study Awards scholarship

The grant you will receive will be of 10.000 GBP. And no, you won’t receive them in unmarked banknotes, from a dark figure in a trench coat.

The sum will either:

  • Cover part of your tuition fee, if your tuition fee is over 10.000 GBP
  • Cover your tuition fee, if your tuition fee is of 10.000 GBP
  • Cover your living expenses and your tuition fee if your tuition fee is under 10.000 GBP or free of charge

The thing is, some universities may require you to pay the tuition fee in advance and, even if we can’t give you back the money you already spent, you will receive the scholarship as living costs. Basically, the money won’t be lost, that’s what we’re trying to say.

So, if this is the sign you have been waiting for, in order to study abroad, then here it is! Now go wild with applying and be sure to have a lot of fun, while you are there!

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