What Bachelor's in Social Sciences Should I Study in 2023?

Picking the right Bachelor’s in Social Sciences to study abroad can be quite challenging because there are so many options out there. But instead of looking aimlessly for a degree that might excite you, why not make your search and decision easier?

You can do this by taking some time to think about what you’re really good at and what you like learning about. Here’s how the match-making between you and a Social Sciences degree would work.

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Bachelors in Communications Sciences – If you like to talk and talk some more

Your room is filled with debate awards and very few can win an argument with you – not even your parents who almost always end up agreeing with your questionable plans. At school you always like it when teachers ask for your personal opinion and you might even like getting creative writing a story or a poem here and there.

Not to mention your social media posts always cause a lot of buzz in your circle. If this sounds like you, studying Communication Sciences might be the right option for you.

A Bachelor’s in Communication Science is going to give the extra tools to understand the physiological and social impact of communication and will open the doors to future specialization like PR, journalism, publishing or advertising.

But as sometimes less is more, even when it comes to words, here’s where you should look for top undergraduate degrees in Communication:

You can also check out online Bachelors in Communication Sciences.

Bachelors in Criminology – If you like puzzles and mysteries

You are the type of person who cannot stand when an injustice is committed. When you see a classmate being picked on, when you hear about criminals escaping justice, you just can’t stand it.

Plus, you have that curious mind that makes you want to understand how people think and why the think in a certain way. If you add to that a secret passion for crime TV shows, then you might want to consider a Bachelor’s in Criminology.

The study of Criminology includes psychological profiling, analysing social reactions to crime, and finding ways to promote rehabilitation. Such an undergraduate degree will always be exciting and thrilling. To lend you a hand, we have done some investigations of our own and discovered that some of the best places to study Criminology abroad are:

You can also check out online Bachelors in Criminology.

Bachelors in Economics – If you're passionate about numbers

You’ve realised that numbers can explain almost anything in this world, including social interactions. Plus, you have always been a kind of entrepreneur yourself – seeing the business potential in lending your bike, tutoring other kids or babysitting.

But more than anything, you want to understand how money and wealth are used in the world. Why are some countries rich, and others are poor? Why some businesses work while others fail? Well, the answer to these big questions lays behind a degree in Economics.

If you pursue a Bachelor’s in Economics you will not only understand all types of economic relations, but you will also be equipped for pursuing very rewarding careers in finance, audit, investment and consultancy.  And because nothing says more than numbers, here are 4 key countries to consider for your studies abroad:

You can also check out online Bachelors in Economics.

Bachelors in International Relations – If you always see the big picture

Are independence and travelling some of the things you want most? You can’t help but watch every piece of news that concerns big politics? Or maybe you have always been curious about why some states get along while others go to war against each other. There’s an undergraduate degree for you too.

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The study of International Relations is definitely for the broad-minded because ‘learning about relationships between states’ actually requires knowledge from a variety of fields. An International Relations Bachelor’s is equally about Politics, Philosophy, Economics, Business or Law. It gives you all the possible tools to put things in perspective and — why not?! — come up with solutions.

From then onwards you can go and work in a wide range of sectors: government, diplomacy, international law, international business. The places to go to for an International Degree are:

You can also check out online Bachelors in International Relations.

Bachelors in Political Science – If you want to be part of change 

Are you lying in bed at night thinking of questions like: Why some political parties and politicians get elected while others are not? Why is democracy the ideals and how did we get here? Why some authoritarian regimes get the power and get away with it?

You are also an active students’ council representative and you are always up to date with what happens in your city and country. Is there any doubt that you should study Political Science?

What other degree could satisfy your civic curiosities and perhaps answer some of your frustrations about why politicians are sometimes a disappointment. Besides, the study of Political Science will also give insight into how state institutions function, of the larger historical factors that shape the politics and pair you up with some awesome analytical and research skills you can use in various careers in law, campaign management, political PR, or surveying public opinion.

For an added prestige to your degree, you should check out Political Science degrees in the next few countries:

You can also check out online Bachelors in Political Science.

Bachelors in Psychology – If you like listening to other people’s stories

All your friends confide in you with their stories and you always have some good advice up your sleeve, be it for love problems, school assignments or their relationship with parents. You find others’ stories fascinating and you don’t like talking about yourself too much.  And you really see the human mind as a great puzzle that you must solve.

Well, behind door number 1 hides a Psychology degree just for you. Perfectly fit for your human behaviour curiosities. Don’t miss the chance of developing your listener and analytical skills, by pursuing an undergraduate study in popular study destinations for Psychology like:

You can also check out online Bachelors in Psychology.

So, there you have it! Finding the right Bachelor’s degree might not be so hard after all, if you know your strengths. Reflect on what you’re good at or passionate about and start searching and applying to the degree that will help you polish your skills! 

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