Top 7 Bachelor’s Subjects Perfect for Hipsters and Where to Study Them

We don’t really know what some have against hipsters, but we suspect they simply envy the fact that you are young, promote pacifism, and have great fashion-sense. But in some respects, you are just like everyone else. 

For example, you also need to pick a Bachelors’ to study. And what is more hip than studying it abroad? So, for all you vegan-lovers, cardigan-enthusiasts, and craft-beer fans, we have compiled some information about the degrees you’ll love most and the best universities in the U.S. and UK where to pursue them.

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All Bachelors connected with Design sound perfect

Whether it’s Fashion Design, Industrial Design, or Graphic Design, one thing is clear, nearly all hipsters have a soft spot for anything involving drawing, planning and strategizing how things should look like or work. And good for you! Because these types of studies are not only to your heart’s desire, but also fit the demands of the job market.

Fashion Design sounds fancy, but it’s actually very lucrative – everybody needs clothes, people! If they add a sense of style, that’s even better. Plus, the industry really needs your sustainability-oriented attitude, because it is one of the industries that produces most waste. This is your chance to save the world from becoming a huge textile ball by studying in the next countries:

Industrial Design switches focus from clothes to more hardcore products, linking product to the user and the environment. Industrial design is in your eco-mug, in the chairs in your office, and even in the pillow you sleep on. Study it in the following countries and you won’t regret it:

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Graphic Design is about making art out of modern technology. It will be your duty to make any combination of images, words and ideas appeal to the rest of us. So, where should you embark on this journey?

Bachelors in Agriculture are trendy again

It has been a long time since studying Agriculture was cool – perhaps since the Neolithic Revolution – but here we are again, and it’s all thanks to you. Naturally, the most attractive specialisation must be Gardening, but this doesn’t exclude other agricultural degrees, as long as they can help you help us develop more sustainable ways to use natural resources. The best places to do it? Right away:

Nothing says hipster more than Creative Writing

Being able to express yourself freely is worth all the money in the world. So, it’s no surprise that learning to craft words, tell stories and get people to love your ideas are some of your favourite things (apart from those thick glasses you bought in the flea market). If you want to make magic happen with words go for a Creative Writing undergraduate degree. And do it where it counts:

There’s a hidden philosopher in every hipster

Let’s face it, behind that “I casually don’t care” look, you are deeply passionate about things that really matter. A Philosophy degree is exactly what the doctor ordered for you because it typically paves the way for liberal arts Masters, while giving you some much-appreciated analytical and research skills. Switching to the practical part of your studies, some countries you could orient yourself towards are:

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Top 10 Hipster Universities in the U.S. and the UK

Hipster culture is so big, you won’t be surprised to find out that there are tops out there that even tell you which best universities to attend if you’re part of this funky group. And the best countries to do it are the United States and the United Kingdom. Let the countdown begin!

Top 10 hipster universities in the UK are, according to the website Liberty Living:

If you prefer going American, College Magazine says the hippest universities there are:

Feeling up for making a difference? Start thinking about where to apply now and bring your contribution to the world by starting with a Bachelor’s that will let you explore your passions and talents. 

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