5 Special Reasons to Inspire You to Study in Denmark in 2021

We know… choosing a country to do a Bachelor’s abroad is not exactly an easy thing. In the world we live in, travelling for a degree has become so accessible that we are now faced with too many options to pick from.

But we’re here to help! We’ve searched high and low and we are ready to show you why Denmark might be the right country for your undergraduate studies.

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1. You’ll be part of a surprising education system

Not many people know it, but the Danish educational system is not like the others. For example, when you go to a Danish university you will discover that lectures are held in small groups instead of a fully packed class, and you’re sure to feel comfortable and at ease.  

Another special thing about Danish study options is that they are internationally-oriented and combine teaching with research. Furthermore, there are good chances the programme and university you choose have partnerships with research institutions and businesses which will allow to gain practical skills and make connections for a future job. And some of the best programmes you can consider for your Bachelor’s are:

Danes also know that while starting studies abroad is an exciting experience, it can also be scary. That’s why they make an extra effort to make you feel welcome.

Universities use a buddy system, assigning another student to greet you and help you settle at your university, meet other students and give you practical tips. And that’s not the only great thing. You will also have orientation courses that help you get to know Denmark better.

2. You’ll have a very ‘social’ student life

Danish universities really like promoting social interactions. If you go to study in Denmark, expect regular meetings in the campus, near a lake or in the forest, filled with social activities – including boat races or naked runs. 

Add to that the Friday Bars which are themed parties organized by the universities themselves. Isn’t it amazing to have a free pass from your uni to go wild and socialize?

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However, as serious as the Danes are about fun at university, they are even more serious about making a good academic impression, having 7 universities in world academic rankings. Three of them that we recommend are:

And to give you a few other options:

3. You’ll experience the Danish Hygge!

You know how Denmark being a Nordic country, a good part of the year is pretty snowy, dark, and cold? Well, the Danish have found the best way to cope with it — hygge. Now that’s one truly distinct Danish brand. If the word doesn’t sound familiar to you now, it will become a leitmotif while you’re there.

Hygge basically means staying by the fire in warm clothes at the candlelight and eating candies. If you think there’s not much to it, trust us, once you’re there, hygge will give you the feel-good vibe everyone needs. They don’t call it the art of cosiness for nothing!

 4. You’ll learn what makes you happy!

Ok, it true that in 2018, the Danes came second according to the World Happiness Report. But being the second happiest country in our world actually sounds great, doesn't it? What’s more, this small change in ranking comes after years in which Denmark lead this top. Being second it doesn’t mean they are less happy.

What will make your days brighter in Denmark? It is social support, feeling free to make your own life choices and a culture of giving back to others. Kind of hard not to like Denmark, right?

5. Amazing wildlife and landscapes

Unlike many European countries where wildlife is shrinking to make space for more of us, in Denmark you can get the chance to see elks, boars, wolves, and brown bears, rabbits, hedgehogs, foxes, squirrels. And you should hurry because Denmark is not immune to wildlife extinction.

But if you’re not a zoology enthusiast you can still enjoy great natural parks and amazing landscapes, from the foam at the seashores, to forests, mountains and islands. And for something extra you can go gazing at the Black Sun which is a phenomenon of dark patterns in the sky during Spring and Autumn

Ready to experience the magic of Denmark? Then start searching for the study programme that fits you best and preparing for your application. We’re sure you’re going to do great! 

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