Top 10 Ranked Universities in Scandinavia, Northern Europe

The Northern part of Europe, represented by Denmark, FinlandNorway, and Sweden, is best known for its cold weather, gorgeous views, and great universities.

With universities that focus more on the practical aspects than the theoretical, the Scandinavian region is perfect for international students who want a great education, and who take to heart Elsa’s words, of ‘Cold never bothering you, anyway’.

So, in order to make everything easier for you, the World University Rankings 2018 and Shanghai Ranking 2017 compiled lists of top 10 universities of Northern Europe.

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World University Rankings 2018

  1. Karolinska Institute (Sweden) – ranked 38th
  2. Uppsala University (Sweden) – ranked 86th
  3. University of Helsinki (Finland) – ranked 90th
  4. Lund University (Sweden) – ranked 93rd
  5. Aarhus University (Denmark) – ranked 109th (tie)
  6. University of Copenhagen (Denmark) – rank 109th (tie)
  7. Stockholm University (Sweden)– ranked 134th
  8. University of Oslo (Norway) – ranked 146th
  9. Technical University of Denmark (Denmark) – ranked 153rd
  10. KTH Royal Institute of Technology (Sweden) – ranked 173rd

Shanghai Ranking 2017

  1. Karolinska Institute (Sweden) – ranked 44th
  2. University of Helsinki (Finland) – ranked 56th
  3. University of Oslo (Norway) – ranked 62nd
  4. Uppsala University (Sweden) – ranked 63rd
  5. Aarhus University (Denmark) – ranked 65th
  6. Stockholm University (Sweden) – ranked 74th
  7. Lund University (Sweden) – rank 101 – 150
  8. Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) (Norway) - rank 101 – 150
  9. Technical University of Denmark (Denmark) - rank 151 – 200
  10. University of Gothenburg (Sweden) - rank 151 – 200

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