8 Future Popular Career Paths to Prepare for by Choosing a Bachelor's Abroad

“Look to the future, because that’s where you’ll spend the rest of your life”, said comedian George Burns. And we say knowing the future makes the present more exciting because you can pick the right Bachelors based on which jobs will be in demand in the next few years. 

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What professionals will be in demand in the next few years?

Think of your skills and interests and choose one of the following areas to study because they are getting hotter than a summer’s day and will land you awesome jobs after graduation.

1. Become a Nursing professional

Healthcare and health-related jobs will continue to grow, with the top openings being in the field of Nursing. If you’re the type of person who likes taking care of others and has huge reserves of patience, then you can secure your entry in the field by studying in countries where Nursing degrees are popular:

After that, you can choose from one the following in-demand positions:

  • Vocational nurse – you’ll care for patients in clinics and hospitals.
  • Registered nurse – you’ll evaluate patients’ health and care for them.
  • Nurse practitioner –  you treat and diagnose diseases.

2. Become a Medical or Psychology specialist

As we are not getting any younger, more and more health and psychological therapists will be needed to help with illness recovery. Surgeons will still be popular, if not even superstars because the field of organ growing and transplanting is developing at a rapid pace. If you have a strong stomach and being a life-saving hero appeals to you, you should check some popular study destinations for Health-related Bachelors:

Nobody gave Psychology much credit when it first developed, but look at us now. Modern society relies a lot on Psychology insights whether it is to understand ourselves better, to promote a product, make a good impression, or find a criminal. In the future, it will continue to be very popular, as we still know only very little about the way human mind works.

Feeling up to the task of unravelling the mysteries of our dark matter? Then check out some of the study options you have for an undergraduate degree in Psychology:

3. Become a Software developer

You don’t need experts to tell you that Computer Science and IT are here to stay. But as the field developed so much there are now more than a dozen IT-related disciplines that you can specialise in. That is why, you should know that the most sought-after jobs will be those related to software development – creating programmes that have practical applications for users, be they companies looking to expand or enthusiasts waiting for the next great app. Don’t miss searching through undergraduate studies in IT and choose a programme in popular destinations like:

If you want to be at the forefront of the digital movement, here some jobs that will be in demand in the next few years:

  • UX Designer – you’ll help improve user experience when navigating sites.
  • Computer Network Architect – you will design, implement, and maintain networking and data communication systems.
  • Mobile Application Developer – you’ll get creative and design the apps of the future.
  • Virtual Reality Developer – VR will have more applications for business and organizations that want to promote themselves. You’ll be in charge of putting real life products into the digital world.
  • Media Remixer – you’ll be something between DJ and VJ, and remix audio, video, images and augmented reality into one single project.
  • Waste Data Manager – you’ll specialise in cleaning digital clutter from data centres.
  • Robot/ AI Operator – you’ll be operating robots and different forms of AI. Kind of like a puppeteer.

4. Become a Cyber Security expert

Cyber Security is part of the broad IT field, but it has become so important that it needs a place of its own. A cyber security expert should be able to develop ways to prevent or reduce the damage of cyber-attacks caused by viruses or hackers. Given the many high-level leaks caused by hackers, it’s no wonder the world needs more experts in this field. So, get yourself upgraded by pursuing Bachelors in IT Security in world-class destinations like:

Looking for a twist to this specialisation? You can consider becoming an Ethical Hacker. This job is not quite on the market yet, but it’s going to. Your job will be to "test-hack" programs to make sure they are secure. If they can be hacked, you should give companies advice on how to prevent hacking.

jobs of the future

5. Become a Math and Finance pro

The more interconnected we are, the more businesses expand faster and at global scales. To make sure business development is sustainable and healthy, companies need their own types of doctors – the numbers’ pros. That’s why it’s predicted that some of the most important jobs of the future will be in Finance and Accounting. In these fields you should look for developing skills to become:

  • Accountant – you’ll keep balance sheets of incomes and revenues to see how companies are doing.
  • Auditor – you’ll asses the financial health of companies and check if money is well spent.
  • Financial advisor – you’ll help companies with plans and projects for future investments and asses their risks.

To do all of that, you can study Accounting, or Finance or you can start by going at the source and study Maths, keep your options open until you do your Master’s degree and specialise in a Business-related field. Here are some good study options for you:

A projected job that requires numbers’ skills and some Management insights is going to be that of Chief productivity officer (CPO). Your job will be to improve office productivity.

6. Become a legal guru

What’s a legal guru? Well, it can be anything from a great defence lawyer, to a mediator, to a prosecutor, to a judge. In the next few years, legal experts will still be in demand to guide poor lost souls around the labyrinth of laws and regulations. If you like reading and think rules make our lives easier, you should check out these Law programmes:

7. Become an Environmental Engineering expert

There’s always art behind science because it’s not only mere method that leads to ground-breaking discoveries, but also a great capacity for imagining solutions that nobody thought of before. 

Environmental engineers put their creativity to work to make sure we and our planet stay safe by finding ways to prevent and manage toxic waste and pollution. If you’re the type of person who has a curios mind, and a passion for science and the environment, then you should jump on board and start your journey by studying in countries like:

And guess what? There are a couple of new jobs that will develop in this field as well, to keep things interesting. If you want to be one of the first ones in your line of work, you should think about preparing to become a:

  • Rewilder – you’ll be bringing wilderness back to life where it has been depleted, to make sure we have an environmental balance. This means replacing roads and dry lands with forests and repopulating them with plant and animal species.
  • Solar Technology Expert – because we’ll be increasingly using solar energy, more experts to design, install and manage solar panels will be needed.

8. Become any kind of Engineering wizard

In the fast-forward world we live in, and as future vehicles will become more and more automated, there will be a growing need for automotive wizards, engineers that will incorporate car pieces and make sure they ran smoothly together. Also, mechanical engineers will be needed to design engines that are cost-efficient and sustainable.

Last but not least, civil engineers will be needed to plan and construct infrastructures that make living in cities operational. Here’s where you can pursue the right Engineering degrees and get the most of it:

Looking at the jobs of the future, we can say that there’s some novelty for engineers as well. In the next few years, some new jobs in this field will be:

  • Self-driving car mechanic – you’ll be the newest version of car mechanic making sure self-driving cars keep doing what they were designed to do – keep us safe.
  • Wind turbine fixer – with the expansion of windmills around the world, repair techs that can fix any malfunction rapidly will be highly in demand.
  • 3D food engineer – sooner than later we’ll be eating printed food, or food packaged in printed boxes. 3D food engineers will be behind it and will be expected to have an Engineering and Chemistry education. 

Study for the future, today

Whatever you dream of becoming, find a way to make sure you’ll also fit what the market needs in the future. Don’t be afraid to experiment and bet on jobs that are likely to appear or become popular in the future, by choosing to do now a Bachelor’s degree that will lead you to those career paths.

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