Best-ranked Universities from 10 European Countries Ideal for Your Bachelor's

Whether you put your finger on the map or did some deep thinking, if you chose to do your international Bachelor’s study in Europe, you’re in for an electrifying experience. Most EU countries have great academic reputations and are determined to give great academic value to students like you. But what are ‘the’ countries whose universities score best in international tops?

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Here are 10 EU-countries with top ranked institutions that you should not skip adding to your list of preferences for an international Bachelor’s programme.

1. Ranked universities in the United Kingdom

The leader of academic tops in the EU is the United Kingdom which has 104 ranked universities. With such a wide top educational offer, the UK definitely has something for everyone. It’s like going to a candy shop during winter holidays. Here’s why you should check some of the ranked universities in this country:

  • The University of Edinburgh – great research and great facilities can only attract the greatest minds. And have done so for 400 years.
  • University of Leeds – with great teaching and research, the university aims at delivering graduates who can have a real impact on the world.
  • University of Nottingham – with top quality teaching, this university has an eye for spotting talented students.

Each country has its own brand disciplines when it comes to higher education. In the UK, the subject areas that are most popular among international students are:

2. Ranked universities in Sweden

Sweden has 15 ranked universities, which is no small thing for a country of only 10 million people. Swedish higher education is all about helping Bachelor’s students develop their own voice so that they can become creative innovators. Some of Sweden’s best universities are:

  • Uppsala University – offers world-class education making sure you are seen, heard, and promoted as a student. 
  • KTH Royal Institute of Technology – great if you’re technically-orientated and you like to put engineering projects into practice.
  • Linköping University – offers the largest number of degrees in Sweden, and is focused on student development.

If studying in Sweden appeals to you, you should know the most sought-after study options in Sweden are:

3. Ranked universities in the Netherlands

The 14 top-ranked universities in the Netherlands and the internationalised society place this country at the top of the lists students make when choosing their undergraduate study programmes. So, don’t forget to take a look at what some of the top Dutch universities have to offer:

  • Wageningen University and Research – aiming at improving our quality of life, this university makes it hard to pass on such a noble goal – which is also supported by great scientific and research quality.
  • Utrecht University – getting you ready for both academic and professional life, this university is definitely going to get your vibe up.
  • Erasmus University Rotterdam – dynamic, versatile and research-focused, this uni is going to be a place you can call home.

Studying in the Netherlands is especially fit for you if you are into subject areas like:

4. Ranked universities in Italy

The 51 ranked universities in Italy are no surprise in the country of the Renaissance. Italian universities make you feel welcome right way, with their lively student communities. Some top universities in Italy are:

  • University of Bologna – you’re going to study at a millennial university, founded in 1088. If this doesn’t say academic tradition we don’t know what will.
  • Vita-Salute San Raffaele University – studies here focus on human kind, imperfect as we may be. So, if you’re feeling philosophical check it out.
  • University of Padova – focuses on medical studies, but also on other great subject areas, and  is determined to make a professional out of you.

Popular, go-to disciplines for Bachelor’s studies in Italy are:

5. Ranked universities in Germany

The 63 ranked universities in Germany, the student friendly environment and affordable costs are making Germany buzz with international students. If you want to be one of them, you can check ranked universities like:

From the well-seasoned study options available in Germany you should try tasting:


6. Ranked universities in France

The 67 ranked universities in France stand out through their passion for combining tradition with new trends in education. International Bachelor’s students here are fascinated with French art and music, as well as by the easily-recognisable sweet French language. Want to get the real French academic experience? Check out these ranked institutions: 

  • Sciences Po – one of the most prestigious schools in social sciences and humanities.
  • INSA Lyon – an innovative scientific school and a favourite destination for intellectuals.

The disciplines that are student-favourites in France and worth looking into are: 

7. Ranked universities in Finland

Finland has 8-top ranked universities in international tops and prides itself with being a global standard of education. Here are some other reasons why some Finish universities stand out:

  • Aalto University – this university loves students who think outside of the box and are ready to come up with innovations in any field of study.
  • University of Helsinki – this university is about to blow your mind with its tech-savvy learning environment and great research programmes.

You also need to have a one-on-one with popular undergraduate study options in Finland such as:

8. Ranked universities in Denmark

Denmark has 7-top ranked universities according to international listings, and is a great place to study because it offers a friendly academic and social environment. Check out why these two universities made it on the top of best world universities:

  • Aalborg University – an internationalised institution with great local, regional and national connections in Danish industries.
  • Roskilde University – a challenger when it comes to education, this university prides itself with new approaches to your education.

Want to get ‘injected’ with Danish happiness? Try out this popular Bachelor’s programmes:

9. Ranked universities in the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic has 15 ranked universities worldwide and affordable education and living costs, making it an ideal central-European country to study in. Some of the most prestigious universities in the Czech Republic are:

  • Charles University – offers a very inclusive environment for international students and access to great study resources.
  • Masaryk University – offers up-to-date tools to help you do scientific research and come up with new experiments.

If you’re planning to do your undergraduate studies in Czech Republic you should head towards programmes like:

10. Ranked universities in Belgium

The heart of the EU, Belgium has 11 ranked universities and is a multicultural mosaic of students and people. Two of its top ranked universities are:

  • Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) – focused on promoting pluralism, this institution is appealing thanks to an exclusive range of English-taught Bachelors.
  • University of Leuven – offers the perfect international experience where tradition and innovation hold hands and prepare you for your future career.

A growingly popular Bachelor’s study discipline in Belgium is:

Now that you are equipped with a great list of European countries and universities where you can do your Bachelor’s studies, all you have left is to do is to decide. This is not easy, but the key to the right choice is picking a programme that matches your interests and skills, in a country that you will enjoy living in. 

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