10+ Top UK Universities with the Best Campus Life in 2021

When you’re planning to do your Bachelor’s studies in the UK, campus life is one of the key aspects you need to consider. Because, in addition to the quality of the Bachelor’s programme, this factor will be like a super extra bonus to your study experience.

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Internationally ranked universities in the UK with great campus life

According to the Times Higher Education student satisfaction ranking, the British universities where you can find some of the best campuses are:

  • Loughborough University – libraries, parks, and even an actual spa, in addition to many other sports facilities will draw you in.
  • University of Exeter – enjoy a multicultural community, quality accommodation and a huge digital library. 
  • Lancaster University – they care about giving students a great experience so that’s where you’ll find shops, bars and some very funky jazz concerts.
  • University of Dundee – two words: Cheap and cosy. 
  • Edge Hill University – just being located in Cambridge makes the campus great, but the university also prides itself with campus safety and amazing housing facilities. 
  • University of Sheffield – a great urban campus offering all the perks of city life, including great cultural venues like art galleries.

According to the student satisfaction survey conducted by The Complete University Guide, the top universities that have a great campus experience are:

  • University of Buckingham – the campus has great teaching areas, a breath-taking landscape and many cultural places to visit.   
  • University of St. Andrews – spectacular beaches, student traditions, and a sense of community are what make this campus so attractive.
  • Liverpool Hope University – this uni has not one but two campuses, one in the city centre and one in the suburbs, appreciated for facilities, natural landscape and social life.
  • Leeds Arts University – say 'Hello' to fabulous libraries and and exciting live music venues. Plus a well-organized student welfare system. 
  • Loughborough University

Party mode: ON - British campuses with the best nightlife

When classes end, and the night is young, you know it’s time to party. Much of your life as a student, outside classes and assignments, might involve partying. And what better way to mingle?

According to recent tops, some of the UK student campuses with exciting nightlife for students are:

  • Newcastle University – get ready for a lot of bars, pubs and night clubs. Most famous ones are Digital and Power House.
  • University of Leeds – sports clubs and two famous Revolution bars along with the HiFi club, will spice you student nightlife just enough.
  • University of Sussex – diverse attractions and cheap pints at Great Eastern Pub and the Shooshh nightclub will give you the best of the British fun vibe.
  • University of Dundee – nightlife is cheap, and especially appealing to those who like the underground scene and live concerts.
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Other universities with great campus life for Bachelor’s students

Before we leave you trying to decide which UK campus is more awesome to you, you should know that these are only a few of the many universities where you can enjoy great campus facilities and an exciting student experience. Other places you should check out are: 

How to choose a great student campus in the UK

Your notion of fun and cool campus life in the UK might differ from that of other international students. If you’re a quiet, reserved student you will appreciate a more peaceful campus in a picturesque location. If you’re a party starter, then you will look for campuses that offer a colourful nightlife.

Here are some criteria that you should consider when you choose a university campus:

  • Social life – what kind of social life the campus offers. Are there clubs, shops, art venues, student societies that can expand your social circle?
  • Community vibe – who will be your fellow students there? Is it a multicultural community or not?
  • Extracurricular activities – what kind of activities can you partake in when you’re not at school? Are there sports halls, student societies, or student competitions that you can join?
  • Environment on campus – is the campus in a picturesque location or in a vibrant city? Is the campus safe? Is it easy to reach the city or nearby attractions?

Whatever you decide, remember a Bachelor’s student’s life is meant to be equally about studies and fun experiences. Don’t overdo either and you'll get the best of both.  

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