Top Ranked Universities Outside Europe

International university rankings for 2018 and 2019 are out, and they can key tools for you as a prospective international Bachelor’s student. Outside Europe, the top study abroad destinations are Australia, Canada, the United States, and China.

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Each is a unique option for your undergraduate studies. Australia is the land of sunny beaches, Canada promises great quality of life, China has a fascinating culture, and the U.S. is a global tech hub. But which country has the best-ranked universities and programmes that match your interests?  That’s the tricky question we’ll answer for you.

Top 5 ranked universities in Australia

Australia scores with 38 ranked universities in international tops like THE 2019 and Academic Ranking 2018. The top five Australian Universities are:

If you want to know more, then some ranked academic institutions that you should check are:

  • University of Queensland – one in four students here is an international, and that’s no wander because this university has innovative teaching methods and great cultural networks.
  • University of Adelaide – encourages research, discovery and creativity.

Australia sticks out through its almost overwhelming diversity of Bachelor’s programmes, but some of the coolest ones for international students are:

Top 5 ranked universities in Canada

You can find 36 ranked universities in Canada that attract students thanks to a future-oriented approach to education. The best of the best Canadian universities are:

Here are some reasons why the cherry picks for your Bachelor’s studies could be ranked universities like:

  • University of Toronto – highly multicultural and with a prestigious academic staff, there’s little to say no to here.
  • University of British Columbia – great research coming from the desire to challenge what we think we know. You have a unique idea? UBC will embrace it.

If you want to know if your study interests match the most popular disciplines for international Bachelor’s students in Canada, no need to look any further, because we already know:

Top 5 ranked universities in China

China has 105 universities in the THE rankings, and they are known to attract the smartest students. The ones that rank first are:

top universities

Here is how China’s top two universities attract their newbies:

  • Peking University –  promises to deliver grads that will be pioneers of modernisation, thanks to great teaching and research resources.
  • Tsinghua University – this university is all about finding the right mix between Chinese and Western culture to deliver experts who can work anywhere in the world.

International students who choose t do their Bachelor’s in China head towards disciplines like:  

Top 5 ranked universities in The United States

With a whopping 248 ranked universities, the U.S. remains the number one destination for international students. Set your goals high and aim for one of the next top 5 options in the US:

In the U.S., the mix between variety and quality when it comes to higher education can convince anyone to try and get into a top school such as:

  • Johns Hopkins University – the ideal choice for ambitious students who want to effect real change in Arts, Natural and Social sciences, Medicine and Engineering.
  • Columbia University – a world-class research centre devoted to expanding our understanding through discoveries that help society.
  • Georgia Tech  – for the tech wizards and warlocks out there, George Tech is one of the most sought-after schools. It offers great interdisciplinary approaches to improve government, industry and business.
  • Northeastern University  – scholarships, creative activities and state of the art research easily put this university on international students’ lists.

It’s hard to pick which Bachelor’s programmes are most popular in the U.S. because they all are. Here some options you can consider:

Follow your heart and choose with your mind

Whether it’s Australia, China, Canada or the U.S. that stole your heart, remember to choose the undergraduate programme and university that have the most promising offer for your academic success. 

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This means they’ll have to win you over with studies that fit your skills like a shoe, look as good as a brand new suit to future employers, and give you the simile of personal satisfaction. 

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