Why Study a Bachelor's Degree in Industrial Design in 2022?

Ever looked like an idiot, trying to open a door by pushing it, while the sign clearly says “Pull”?

Well, you don’t have to feel bad: first, we have all done that. Second, it’s not your fault. The person who designed that door should have made it clear, from the design, if it should be pushed or pulled. And that’s where a Bachelor’s in Industrial Design would have come in handy.

Industrial Design is responsible for creating products that can be both useful and beautiful, teaching students how to combine the theoretical concepts of materials and processes with the practicality of design and patterns.

And that’s why, in short, a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design is an awesome degree.

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Where to study a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design?

Industrial Design is the type of discipline that adapts to the country it’s taught in: from the simple, Ikea-like designs of the Northern European countries, to the flashy and heat-resistant materials and layouts of the Oriental East, picking the ideal country is a very important decision.

Still, you can’t go wrong by picking: 

You can also check out online Bachelors in Industrial Design.

What will you study during a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design?

Don’t think of Industrial Design as simply sitting at a table, combining the same three pieces and coming up with inventions like “the grill-table” or “the retractable shovel”.

You would have to participate in computer labs, design studios, theoretical courses, and classroom projects. All of these are made to help you develop your problem-solving skills, your aesthetic ability, and your creativity levels.

 Also, some of the core courses you will have to attend during your Bachelor’s years (full disclosure here, as you will see a looot of disciplines that start with the letter ‘D’) are:

  • Design visualisation 
  • Drawing 
  • Design prototypes 
  • Design history 
  • Dimensional design 

Top universities yo study a Bachelor in Industrial Design 

Sure, if you don’t want to sort through hundreds of Bachelors, you can always look through the most popular Bachelors of Science in Industrial Design international students pick. These are at:

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Industrial Design careers after graduation

Graduating a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Design can open a lot of doors for you, provided that you build one, beforehand. Seeing how you have to combine artistry with functionality, there’s no wonder you will have jobs like:

Art Directors

Think of Tim Burton, with its black and white stripes, dark colours, shadowy figures, and Johnny Depp, and you will understand what “Art Directors” do.

Finding the perfect image and design for something, knowing where to put images in a magazine, deciding on the style of a movie or a package, you will get to develop and coordinate all the artwork and layouts of the project you are responsible for.

And, besides this, the yearly salary you can expect will be around 53.500 EUR. Neat, huh?

Desktop Publishers

Desktop publishers have the cool job of photographing and sorting through pictures of semi-naked people hugging for the cover of a romance novel, or finding the ideal picture of a happy teacher, surrounded by happy students, pretending they are happy they are in a textbook.

The point I’m trying to make is that desktop publishers design page layouts for books, brochures, or anything printed, and the salary would be around 42.200 EUR/year.


Drafters are the middlemen who take blueprints from engineers and transform them into technical drawings or render designs into 3D images.

Although you will have to talk and understand what builders want, while your artistic mind will push you to decorate more, your salary will compensate, with 38.200 EUR/year.

Fashion Designers

Explaining what a fashion designer is might be redundant. Basically, you will design shoes, clothes, and accessories, and combine patterns, fabrics, and shapes.

The salary you might expect, as a fashion designer, is around 53.400 EUR/year.

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Seeing how fun and full of beautiful things an undergraduate programme in Industrial Design will surround you with, you should definitively consider and try this degree.

Of course, you will have to enjoy coming up with creative ideas, being in control of an artistic project, and getting paid to make the world a prettier place. Bet it sounds like something you could get used to!

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