6 Top Australian Universities for Studying Your International Bachelor's Degree

If you had ten seconds to write everything you know about Australia on a piece of paper, you would probably have time to write only ‘Opera’, ‘accents’, and ‘deadly animals’.

But you can’t only live on stereotypes! And you should know that picking Australia as your international destination for studying a Bachelor’s degree is an amazing decision: from their ‘Safety Beach’ (former ‘Shark Bay’), to their “Sydney Opera House”, with its terrible acoustics, to the mountain called Mt. Disappointment, your Bachelor’s degree in Australia might be the funniest thing you will do in your life.

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But what universities should you consider for your undergraduate degree?

Well, let’s take a look, shall we?

1. The University of Queensland (UQ), in Brisbane, Queensland (Ranked 55th on the Academic Ranking of World Universities)

Brisbane, as a town, is a multicultural centre, with over 2.2 million citizens. And, because the population density is on the lower side, the accommodation is cheap and the open spaces are great and plentiful.

As an international student, you will feel right at home at The University of Queensland, seeing how a quarter of the population was born overseas, and over 16% of them speak another language than English.

2. University of Adelaide, in Adelaide, South Australia (Ranked 101st on the Academic Ranking of World Universities)

Adelaide, the City of Churches, and the home of the only person who was shot by a camel is one of the liveliest and happiest cities in Australia.

From carnivals and parades to amusement parks, Adelaide is the city that never sleeps down unda’.

So, if you want your Australian Bachelor’s degree to be wild and sleepless, you should definitively check out the University of Adelaide.

Just… stay away from camels, ok?

3. CQUniversity Australia, in Rockhampton, Queensland

Although Rockhampton isn’t a popular city for tourists, the campus of CQUniversity is a haven for students interested in STEM research STEM, for those who are still unsure what it means, stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

Still, the hub, named ‘Trade Training Centre’ will also host salons and beauty parlours, for vocational training, and not for the scientists who want to look more fabulous, as we first thought.

So, if you want to find an early job, during your studies, you should definitively check out CQUniversity, as this hub will create over 250 jobs, some in construction, and others related to the facility. If this doesn’t sound like a jackpot, nothing will. 

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4. Charles Darwin University, in Darwin, Northern Territory

The Northern Territory, Darwin included, is the region of Australia where you can find free WiFi in almost any venue, so, dear God, what can be even better than this?

Maybe only the fact that there’s a year-round summer over there, or the amazing accommodation, cafes, food joints, and nightlife, making Darwin, and, by default, Charles Darwin University the perfect place to live your international undergraduate years.

5. University of Tasmania, in Hobart, Tasmania

Moving away from the other cities and to a more peaceful and green place, Tasmania is a gorgeous island, where the emphasis is put on parks and national sites, being the perfect place to go and have a calmer international experience.

So, if you want to get the chance of studying at the University of Tasmania, the last pit stop before reaching and visiting Antarctica, you should clearly apply to this Australian university and enjoy the ride.

6. Open Colleges, online university

If you’re not a fan of deadly animals, or unknown ones (75% of Australia’s species are unknown to man), you can always get a true Australian experience by studying one of their online pre-Bachelor’s degrees. And one of the best is Open Colleges, a public institution based in Sydney.

Although the last time someone died from a spider bite in Australia was in 1981, why risk it?

It’s not like you’re going to miss anything in Australia: the pig that got drunk in 2013 and tried to fight a cow isn’t as exciting as it sounds, honestly!

After all these awesome options, you can’t say you’re not sure if there are enough options for you in Australia. And, honestly, you should go study your Bachelor’s degree in Australia and not climb Mt. Disappointment for your friends and parents!

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