Top 6 Reasons to Study a Bachelor's in Italy in 2022 that You Can't Refuse

Oh, bella Italia!

To live in Italy is a dream come true for everybody, but to actually study there, during your undergraduate years? Honestly, even writing this brings a happy tear to the corner of my eye.

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But what does that mean, exactly? How should you prepare for your Bachelor’s degree in Italy? What are the best study options? And what are the things you should know before leaving?

Well, let’s find out together, shall we?

1. Italy has great Bachelor’s study options

Italy, although famous for its architecture, art, food, and Mafia, has various Bachelor’s programmes you can choose from.

Although they can range from the most basic Language Bachelor’s programmes, to the most awesome degrees, you should know that, based on our data, the most popular and sought-after study options by international students are:

2. Italy is really student-friendly

Did you know Architecture degree students have free entries to museums in Italy?

Of course, you didn’t. That’s why you need to go and study in Italy!

Honestly, Italy is a perfect combination of great tuition fees, fun student life, low living costs, and amazing student experiences, seeing how knowledge and scholars are celebrated there.

If studying in Italy sounds awesome right now, you should definitively check out:

Also, you can read about:

3. Italy has some of the greatest universities

Based on the Guinness World Records, the University of Bologna is the oldest in Europe and it’s been providing higher education without interruption since 1088.

Although we can assume how many students and stories those benches and chairs have seen, we won’t send you to this ancient university.

Instead, we will tell you what universities we recommend, like:

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4. Each Italian city has its own beauty

Italian cities are like potato chips: you can’t just stick to one.

Picking an Italian city can be difficult, if not impossible, because all of them are so different, with rich and gripping histories and cultures.

From Milan, that, somehow, was the only city that managed to escape the plague, to Florence, who only has bread without salt, after a spat with neighbouring-town, Pisa, who tried to make Florence surrender by blocking salt shipments, it can be really hard to pick a cool and fitting Italian city.

Still, you can always check how your life as a future international student would be if you would:  

5. You will graduate in great style

Imagine you’re dressed in a stupid and embarrassing costume, standing all alone on a platform, with people passing and throwing once in a while ketchup or eggs at you, while your whole family watches and cheers. Ah, and, behind you, there’s a caricature someone drew of you.

No, we’re not asking you to relive your nightmare from last night. We’re just describing a typical graduation ceremony in Italy.

Hey… we told you Italy celebrates knowledge and scholars.

6. Financing yourself will be a piece of cake

Italy is e perfect combination of high quality of life and cheap living costs. Sure, the prices may vary, depending on the city you choose to live in.

Usually, if you opt for smaller cities, like Bolzano and Bologna, you should prepare around 900 EUR/month, while Milano and Rome will be a bit more expensive, at around 1 200 EUR/month.

Tuition fees, on the other hand, depend on the type of university you choose, if it’s private or public. For instance, public organisations can cost up to 1 000 EUR/year, while private ones can be between 1 800 and 4 000 EUR/year.

Sure, if you think tuition fees and living costs in Italy can be too much to handle, you can always check what Italian scholarships are available.

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Honestly, we didn’t touch here all the points why Italy is an amazing destination: from the food, the melodious accents, those tans, you know it all.

Still, a sure thing is that, if you study here, you will be amazed every step of the way and live in a beautiful and blissful place for your undergraduate years, where you’ll wake up daily suffering from “Florence syndrome”.

But, whatever you decide, we wish you good luck and we hope you always remember to have fun!

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