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6 Reasons to Not Miss the Chance to Study a Bachelor's in Germany in 2023

A model of academic excellence, an affordable country, and a cultural hub, Germany attracts international students like very few countries in the world can.

Top Bachelor’s programmes, scholarships, and employment opportunities are some of the "culprits" behind Germany’s reputation as an international study destination.

Let us explore why not studying in Germany would be a lost opportunity:  

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1. You'd miss out on top-ranked universities in Germany

Germany has several top-ranked institutions, according to academic and student rankings. This means that you will both have fun and get the best of your academic studies. Even better: the majority of German degrees are recognised internationally.

Some very good German universities you shouldn't delay checking out for your future Bachelor’s degree are:

2. You'd lose the chance of studying for free at a public university

If there’s one amazing reason why international students choose to do their Bachelor’s degree in Germany, that is the no-tuition public universities. They only charge a small administrative fee that is usually around 100 - 200 EUR/year. Private universities do charge international students (mainly those from outside the EU).

The good news is that, if you do your research well, you can find affordable tuition fees in Germany even at private universities — as low as 3,000 EUR/year.

3. You'd miss on top-quality Bachelor’s programmes in Germany 

Being in a global educational top means offering students quality programmes. In Germany, you will discover that professors are not only devoted to students but also dedicated researchers. German research is highly appreciated internationally, particularly in the fields of Medicine and Engineering.

And, if you’re lucky, you might even get to be taught by a Nobel Prize Laureate. No less than 80 scientists have been awarded the distinction — 10 in the last 17 years.  

Another great thing about German Bachelor’s degrees? Most of them are taught in English. You won’t have to worry that you’ll find that 79-letter word in your courses, and you can find programmes in some great fields, like:

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4. You'd miss out on some very generous student scholarships

Another top reason to study your Bachelor’s degree in Germany is to access their numerous scholarships, which can either help you cover your living costs, if you are at a no-tuition university, or your tuition fees if you go to a private one. 

Some of the government-funded scholarships can either be the DAAD Scholarships or the Deutschlandstipendium (yeah, try saying that three times without pause).

Still, if you want to search for private-sponsored scholarships, you can always check those provided by:

  • Heinrich Böll Foundation
  • Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) Scholarships
  • Bayer Foundations

As you can see there are plenty of scholarship options in Germany, which are going to make your life easier there and allow you to focus on your studies — and on making student life memories.

5. You'd say no to affordable living costs for students in Germany 

Germany is one of the few European countries that have both affordable living costs and high standards of living. In other words, the ideal combination for international students.

Living costs, including accommodation, depend on the city, but they are generally between 700 and 1.000 EUR/month. For instance, some of the most affordable student cities are:

Living in Germany is not only affordable, but also an occasion to try new things such as the famous currywurst or German beer. We mention these because Germans are world leaders at beer drinking and they happily eat 800 million sausages every year.

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6. You'd miss the high employment chances in Germany 

The percentage of people employed in Germany is about 74%, the country ranking 6th out of 38 countries in Europe. This means you have 3 in 4 chances of landing a job in Germany, during or after your studies. And those are some great odds!

If you choose to look for a job in Germany during your Bachelor’s studies, you should know that, if you are a non-EU student, you can only work for about 24 hours/week.

And, after you finish your studies, you can stay another 18 months in Germany on a student visa and look for a job. So there won’t be a need to panic.

Ending on an exciting note, studying in Germany is a great way to experience cultural diversity. There are chances that you will meet people from the most unexpected countries and cultures, especially in big cities. What more can you want? Germany has it all.

If that convinced you, get started on your application and never take No! for an answer.

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