Don't Miss Out on Top Australian Universities for a Bachelor's Degree in 2019

When you decide to study abroad, in a country like Australia, you should get ready for a ride full of adventures. You’ll have to get used to a new culture, new teaching methods, maybe even a new slang. And this is not likely to happen overnight. The satisfactions are huge as well: the excitement of a new environment, the feeling of independence, and knowing you made the right choice for your professional development.

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To help you find the right Australian university to do your Bachelor’s degree, we dug deep and came up with the top international Australian universities, according to Times Higher Education 2019 Ranking. And guess what? The two coincide, so this means Australian institutions know how to both make students happy and meet international standards of education.

Top 8 Australian universities according to Times Higher Education

According to the Times Higher Education ranking system, there are 8 Australian universities that are in the first 150 universities worldwide.That’s a big achievement for one single country. This top is based on criteria like teaching, research, industry income, and international outlook.

To be a top international university means you’re offering international students a true multicultural experience, which enables them to adapt faster to the local academic environment.

Marking formal checkboxes like academic achievements and teaching standards are good for universities’ reputation. But apart from these aspects, students who choose to study abroad are also interested in the overall student experience they will have. This is why it’s a good thing that student satisfactions and academic rankings match in Australia.

Other Australian universities liked by students that you can check out are:

Bachelors in Australia

Top disciplines to study at Australian universities

Staying on top for years in a row is proof that a certain university invests all the time in improving the educational experience for international students. Equally important is to find a university that is not only on top, but also offers the Bachelor’s programme you want to study. Some of the best study options at top Australian universities are:

If you are thinking about doing your Bachelor’s degree in Australia, the universities on these lists are definitely worth taking into account. However, they should not limit your search. After all, what matters is that you find the programme that fits you like a glove.

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