5 Reasons to Study a Bachelor's Degree in Northern Europe in 2022

More and more international students want to do their Bachelor’s degree in Northern countries. And who can blame them?

Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden are student-favourite destinations for five simple, but very cool reasons. So, let’s uncover these reasons and see which sounds better to you.

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1. Great study options in Northern Europe

Scandinavian countries have numerous Bachelor’s programmes that are recognised as some of the best in Europe. These countries know how to organise the undergraduate studies to really suit students’ needs — with interactive lectures, practical assignments, and top research facilities.

Popular Bachelor's degrees in Denmark 

Some of the best study options in Denmark are in Business, IT, and Engineering (especially related to renewable energy and telecommunications). But don’t take our word for granted; check these Danish Bachelor’s programmes for yourself:

Popular Bachelor's degrees in Finland

Also, from Nokia to Angry Birds, the Finnish are great tech wizards, and this reflects in the well-developed study options in IT and Business in Finland. The Finnish are also oriented towards social welfare, so there are numerous excellent programmes in Medicine, too.

The Bachelor’s programmes you should absolutely consider if you’re going for Finland are:  

Popular Bachelor's degrees in Iceland

Small and remote, Iceland has great study options for those passionate about the environment and education.

Popular Bachelor's degrees in Norway

Still, one of the cleanest and richest countries in the world, Norway, can sure teach us a thing or two about sustainable development, good business, and the importance of social relations. That’s why the best study options in Norway are:

Popular Bachelor's degrees in Sweden

With a high gender equality rate and a work-day that gets smaller and smaller (a six-hours work day… I know, sounds amazing), there’s no wonder Sweden seems like a utopia.

Their Bachelor’s programmes are very well-developed in Social Sciences, Computer Science, and Art. Our picks for Bachelor’s studies in Sweden are:

2. Amazing student life in the cities

Student life in the Northern countries is amazingly fun, probably just to spite the cold weather. Yes, it will be cold for half or more of the year in these countries, but there are so many other perks of studying here, that buying a few more winter clothes seems like a bargain.

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Also, their Viking culture is amazing and you can check this out in pubs and bars. Believes us, Northern people really know how to party. And you’ll get to party with other international students, seeing how popular Northern Europe is for English-speaking international students.

If you choose Finland, get ready for making friends at the sauna. These people don’t joke about their saunas — they have 2,2 million of them. Some great student cities in Finland are:

If you choose Sweden you should spend Midsummer with locals. They usually gather around a tree and sing, pretending they are animals (quirky, we know). Most students who choose Sweden to go to cities like:

As for Denmark, you might get confused and think you’re in Italy because the Danes really love pasta. They are the world’s top pasta eaters. The Danish cities to have incredible pasta — and lots of fun as a student — are:

3. Low or no university tuition fees

If you ask us, one big, big reason why Scandinavian countries are so appealing to international students is the fact that they have low or no tuition fees for Bachelor’s studies.

Bachelor’s programmes are often free for EU students and low cost for non-EU students. Find more on tuition fees:

4. Top-quality university studies

Northern universities have some of the highest ranks in international tops. And, seeing how students get to vote, it is obvious these universities are doing something right. We have selected la crème de la crème of the Nordic universities from each country.

Great universities in Denmark

When it comes to Denmark it's really hard to settle on only a few universities, as this country has more than a few institutions that are highly ranked and are international students' favourites, but you should not miss checking: 

Great universities in Finland 

The whole Finnish educational system starting with daycare and ending with postgraduate studies is one of the best in the world, being envied by many countries. When it comes to good universities for doing Bachelor's studies, some good options are:

Great universities in Iceland 

As an island with only 334,000 residents, Iceland does not need that many universities. But the ones that it has, cover all the Bachelors you need. The best is the University of Iceland

Study in Scandinavia

Great universities in Norway

International students who do their Bachelor's degree in Norway tend to go to universities in larger cities. However, there are many reputed universities in smaller towns. Some of the best choices you can make are:

Great universities in Sweden 

Sweden has a long academic tradition, so many of its universities have the aura of the past, located in imposing historical buildings. These are contrasted by the newer ones which show that Sweden is also keeping up with the times. International students pick institutions like: 

5. Employment options after graduation

Honestly, student life in Scandinavia is something you can’t say ‘No’ to. But what about work during or after your studies.? As an international student, you can try taking part-time jobs in bars, pubs, or even in organisations that are active in your field of study.

If, after you finish your Bachelor’s degree, you still don’t want to leave, then you can try looking for jobs here.

Though many offers are available, it will be easier for you to get a better position if you know the country’s language. The smart thing to do is learn the country’s language during your studies, even if your degree is English-taught. 

Trust us, the salaries in these countries are worth twisting your tongue to learn Nordic languages, seeing how the average salaries can be around:

  • 2,250 EUR/month in Finland
  • 2,100 EUR/month in Sweden
  • 2,625 EUR/month in Denmark
  • 2,850 EUR/month in Norway
  • 2,800 EUR/month in Iceland

Makes living on a remote, treeless island in the North attractive, doesn’t it? (Yes, we’re talking about Iceland).

Now that you know why studying a Bachelor’s degree in Northern countries is like an offer you can’t refuse, roll your sleeves and start applying to an undergraduate degree from a university in Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Norway, or Iceland. Odin approves of this!

And after you find the study programme that’s just right for you, we are sure you’re going to have an epic experience fit for a Norse saga. 

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Want to study in Denmark? Check out Danish student visa requirements! 

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