Top 9 Bachelor's Degrees You Can Study Abroad in 2023

Charles Dickens once wrote ‘it was the best of times, it was the worst of times’. If you’re a high school graduate looking for Bachelor’s programmes this is probably what you’re feeling right now: you have a lot of great options, but it gets difficult when you have to decide on one.

If you’re still unsure on what to do and feel the panic slowly taking over, we’re here to help!

We have compiled a list of the most in-demand subjects you can study for your Bachelor’s abroad, based on over 80,000 international Bachelors from all over the world. Yeah, we’re very thorough!

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These disciplines are not only popular student choices, but also wise ones because they offer you pretty good employment prospects afterwards. 

1. Bachelors in Business and Management

If looking in the mirror you see an entrepreneur or a businessperson, then a Bachelor’s degree in Business and Management is the right option for you.

Business and Management is a broad discipline, including as many as 11,000 study options on Bachelorsportal.  With such a varied offer, it’s no wonder this is one of the most sought-after Bachelor’s discipline.

Some of the most popular areas of study within this discipline are Business Administration, Marketing, Finance, and Accounting, and, once you have your degree, you can get employed as manager, market researcher, accountant, tax consultant, and financial inspector, among others.

Our country recommendations for Bachelors in Business Administration are:

2. Bachelors in Computer Science and IT

We are guessing you are not surprised to find Computer Science and IT on our list, given that there is virtually no industry which does not use or is not impacted by digital technologies. Computer Science focuses on programming and software, whereas IT is about maintaining computer systems and creating networks and databases.

Some of the best employment options after you finish your studies are data analyst, IT consultant, technical support officer, systems developer, and games developer.

Out of the 5,000 programmes in Computer Science and IT listed on your website, we recommend you get a closer look at some popular country destinations for these type of degree, like:

3. Bachelors in Electrical Engineering

As Engineering is a complex discipline, including anything related to innovation, design, construction, maintenance and research, it is no wonder that we have two specialisations related to Engineering on our list.

Studies in Electrical Engineering will prepare you to work with any device and system that require electrical energy—including gadgets and digital devices. And, let’s be honest: who doesn’t want a degree that, basically, encourages you to never look up from your phone ever again?

Pursuing studies in Electrical Engineering will open doors (and windows) to industries like telecommunications, aerospace, media and broadcasting, where you can work as aerospace engineer, broadcast engineer, network engineer, and of course as electrical and electronics engineer. Some of the best 1,000 Bachelors in Electrical Engineering we list on Bachelorsportal are found in countries like:

4. Bachelors in Civil Engineering and Construction

Civil Engineering and Construction is needed more than ever, now that cities have become dense hubs of population. With such a Bachelor’s degree, you can find work as consulting and contracting civil engineer, design engineer, and, why not, even as a sustainability advisor.

When the demand is so high, you should definitively check out some of the best country options, like:

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5. Bachelors in Medicine

People will always need doctors. And I don’t think we blew anybody’s mind when we said this. Medicine will never go out of fashion, and we can prove that with the 6,000 programmes we have on our site.

Though a Bachelor’s in Medicine requires your commitment for at least 5-6 years, it pays off in the end. You will be able to get employed in state, as well as private hospitals and clinics. Most students choose to do their studies in the following countries:

Apart from Human Medicine you should know that some increasingly appealing disciplines are Nutrition & Dietetics, and Physiotherapy.

The increasing demand for nutritionists and physiotherapists is closely linked with the increased obesity rate among the population and the growing problems with posture that people working in offices have.

Don’t neglect exercise, kids. Just don’t.

6. Bachelors in Architecture 

Architecture is another discipline that requires time and dedication, but which is well rewarded when you graduate and enter the job market.

Architects, interior designers, and urban planners are always needed by real-estate developers and local authorities. And the study offer reflects this (there are over 60,000 Bachelor’s programmes on Studyportals).

The most popular countries are:

7. Bachelors in Design 

Design is a general term for a discipline that includes niched programmes—as many as 2,500 on Bachelorsportal— such as Graphic Design, and Interior Design. Regardless of the programme you choose, a designer degree is sure to bring you fulfilment. Designer jobs are both creative and well-paid. Most students opt for studying Design in countries like:

8. Bachelors in International Relations 

With over 1,200 Bachelor’s programmes, we can say that, if there is one area of Social Science that is becoming increasingly popular, that is International Relations.

This is because the discipline is a mix, between Political Science, Economics and Diplomacy. Knowledge and expertise in these areas will help you to find a job as either government research officer, public affairs consultant, diplomat, or public relations expert. And the countries to study a Bachelor’s are:

9. Bachelors in Language Studies 

One of the most fashionable disciplines is Languages. That’s what the 8,000 study options on our website tell us, at least.

Come to think about it, that’s normal in the globalised world we live. Knowing different language is an asset in multinational companies and corporations. And, the more unique the language, the better the pay.

Professions you can pursue with a degree in Language Studies are: translator, interpreter, diplomatic service officer, international development worker, and tour manager. Also, some great student destinations for this discipline are:

We know these are a lot of options to select from, but we hope we have narrowed the list down to the essentials. When you choose a Bachelor’s discipline to study, we recommend you look for the balance between your passion and what is needed in the job market

And, whatever you decide to do, never forget to have fun, and good luck!

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