Must-Have Apps for International Bachelor's Students

As a soon-to-be high school graduate who wants to do a Bachelor’s degree abroad, you know what’s the key to success in a foreign country—apps, apps, apps. Because after you choose the country and discipline, what matters next is getting around easily.

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Great apps for Bachelor’s students

If you do a Bachelor's abroad, there’s always the issue of how you will adapt to your new country. And there's nothing like some great apps to help you get around. We have researched 9 types of apps that will make your life much easier when you do your Bachelor’s abroad.

Translation apps

Struggling with the local language as an international student is very common. That’s why there’s a famous saying, that “I spoke so much to a foreigner, my hands hurt”.

To avoid getting lost in translation, you should get accustomed to apps like Google Translate and iTranslate Voice. The first is better with translating text. The second is for translating spoken words.

Banking apps

While many banks have developed their own apps, sometimes an extra app can come in handy.

For instance, XECurrency gives you access to exchange rates and lets you calculate prices on your smartphone.

Also, Google Wallet helps you transfer and receive money on the spot— very useful when you’re out with friends and you run out of cash because you partied too much.

Food apps

Feeling lazy or confused about where to have your next meal? Apps like TheFork, and Grubhub are very useful. 

TheFork works in several European countries and is a good guide to local restaurants, while Grubhub is a food delivery service very popular in the US, for when you don’t feel like going out. 

A new and catchy food delivery app has also been developed by Uber. So if you want to be trendy, be sure to check UberEats as well.

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Car-sharing apps

Mobility is key, and apps and services already caught up on this.

Some almost universal apps that you can use to share a car to your university or to a night out in town are Uber or Lyft. But, be aware, that these car-ridding services only work if you have money in your bank account.

Free calling and texting apps

Even though you’ll be in another country, you’ll want to stay in touch with people back home. Easy and cheap ways to do that are using apps like WhatsApp and Slack, which only require an internet connection to phone or text your family. You don't fancy these ones, there's always the old-fashioned Skype. 

File sharing apps

Student life involves a lot of reading and most books and study files are virtual nowadays. So, if you miss a class, or you want to share work with your colleagues, you can always use apps like Google Drive, Rapidshare, or Dropbox.

Google Drive gives you access to files from anywhere because they are stored and shared in the cloud, while Rapidshare is a file transfer app which allows you to send big files in a bulk. Dropbox allows you to keep or the share files in the cloud so you never lose them.

Travelling apps

When studying in a foreign country, you will probably want to explore the country beyond the university town you live in. The best apps providing maps and directions are GoogleMaps and Waze, very popular everywhere in the world.

Job apps

Many international students take part-time or full-time jobs while studying, for obvious reasons. To make the job search easier, we recommend apps like LinkedIn and EURES.

The first one is available anywhere but is preferred by students in the US and Canada. The second is an app which only features jobs in Europe.

Social Media apps

Wherever you go, you will meet new people, and what faster app to expand your network than Facebook? This may seem like an obvious app, but there are still some people who try to resist it. Stop fighting it, future Bachelor’s student! Embrace the Like and Share! You can also use it to find student groups, accommodation, and other student activities. So it's not only fun but also very practical. 

Other popular social media apps that you should definitively check out are Twitter and Snapchat, which are very popular in the US.

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You haven't picked a country to do a Bachelor’s degree? Get some inspiration!

Deciding on a country to do your Bachelor’s study might turn into a never-ending search. But fear not, we have you covered and we put together a list with some key country options.

  • Bachelors in the United States – if the American Dream says something to you, then you know why this is an all-time student favourite.
  • Bachelors in Canada – students choose to go here for the multicultural student life.
  • Bachelors in Ireland – Ireland offers diverse and affordable study programs.
  • Bachelors in Spain – sun, fiesta, and academic fulfilment. Who would say no to that?
  • Bachelors in the Netherlands – one of the most inclusive countries when it comes to international students.
  • Bachelors in China – the Asian country is stepping up and offers more and more study programmes in English, which makes it very appealing to international students.

Unfortunately, there’s no app to pack your things, but once you have crammed everything you need and something extra in your luggage, we’re sure you are going to have a blast while doing your Bachelor’s degree abroad if you remember to add these apps on your phone too. Now you can start the Bachelor’s experience you will never forget.

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