Top Bachelor's Degrees in Education for Future Teachers

Being a good teacher is a noble thing to aim for, and, these days, hard to come by. But, if you can picture yourself sitting in front of a classroom - inspiring students, nurturing their curiosity, and making them laugh - then there are plenty of Bachelor’s programmes to select from all over the world.

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Getting a Bachelor’s degree in Education can be a good step to getting yourself into the classroom and to make you the kind of teacher whom you admired and aspired to become.

But there are a few programmes around the world that have unique curricula and courses to make you not only a certified teacher, but a great one. These are:

1. London South Bank University - Education Studies Bachelor’s programme

The Education Studies degree at London South Bank University is an innovative programme, designed to be thoroughly hands-on. You’ll be working directly alongside both Academic and Psychology experts, receiving advice about and collaborating on designing courses and curricula.

The programme takes up to three years, and each one works around different dimensions of education. As you advance through the programme, you’ll discover a better understanding of how education models have changed over time, what are the best teaching methods and how you can incorporate them into the classroom.

2. University of South Florida - Middle School Science Education Bachelor’s programme

In the U.S., “middle school” refers to that awkward, pimply-faced age between 12 and 14, when we all became angsty little monsters. You’re not quite a high schooler, but you’re too old for elementary school. In other words, you’re a delightful little teenager.

We need well-trained and strong people to fill these positions. If you join the Middle School Science Education degree at the University of South Florida (USF), you’ll be part of a programme that helps you manage middle school classrooms, and understand the unique demands of middle school education. Just remember: don’t let the 14-year-olds bully you. They’re just jealous!

3. HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht - Teacher Education in English Bachelor’s programme

In several countries around the world, English-language courses are popping up, helping people grow familiar with the English language and work their way into global careers and education.

Luckily, in the Netherlands, HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht offers a Teacher Education in English Bachelor’s programme, so that you can boost your translation and teaching skills to a foreign audience. You’ll be working within the broader scope of Foreign Languages at the university, and you’ll work with scholars and academic specialists who devote their energy to bringing foreign languages to international students.

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4. Bahcesehir University - Preschool Teaching Bachelor’s programme

Preschool is another one of those very specific age groups. In fact, it’s probably the youngest age group you can teach, as typical pre-schoolers are younger than 6 years old.

This programme at Bahcesehir University follows the “learn by doing” philosophy, meaning that students are at their best when you bring them into contact with different skills and practices. Pre-schoolers are no exception. It’s never too early to start teaching young kids about art, health, fairness, and exercise.

5. Southern New Hampshire University - History and Social Sciences Education Bachelor’s Programme

Every high schooler has to complete their History and Social Sciences requirement before graduating. But, these days, they need well-trained teachers who are ready to lead them through a thorough understanding of these subjects, preparing them to vote, enter politics, and how to approach current events.

Luckily, the History and Social Sciences Education programme at Southern New Hampshire University gives you the practical, hands-on knowledge to be the inspirational History teacher. You get started in the classroom almost immediately after you enrol in this programme; and from then on, you’re gaining more and more experience teaching, every single year that you’re in the programme.

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Teaching is among the most important professions in the world today, that needs more and more people to educate the new generation. Depending on where you go, teachers may not make a lot of money; but they do make a big difference in the world.

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